Jim Ross Shares Update On His Skin Cancer Battle


WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross revealed that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer on his leg last month. 

The AEW announcer provided an update on the situation during the latest “Grilling JR” podcast:

“Next week is going to be a touch and go week for me.  On Monday, I’m supposed to get two cancer spots cut out of my back.  They said, ‘Well, it’s only a few stitches.’  Yea, but I’m getting ready to get on an airplane.  They say it’s going to be bandaged.  I can’t scratch it.  I can’t touch them.  After that on Monday, I have to go to my oncologist.  They’re making me a boot as they call it.  The boot is what you slip on so that the radiation machine can have a target.  I don’t know if it attaches or whatever, but it’s there to not give you any more radiation than you need and only on the spot that is affected.”

H/T to WrestingNews.co for the transcription

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