Jim Herd On Rumors He Wanted To Change Ric Flair Into ‘Spartacus’


During his interview with Fightful,, Jim Herd shot down the rumor that he had intentions of changing Ric Flair into ‘Spartacus’. Here’s what he had to say:

When you’re brainstorming those things, you get all kinds of feedback from those guys. That’s where the lie that I wanted to change Ric Flair’s name came from. That came from one of the meetings, but it was never considered. One of the things that was considered, and he didn’t like it so it became — there was a wrestler were going to call The Zodiac Man. Every match, at the end of the match, you could go out the door and they would throw these discs that were redeemable at fast food places. They would catch them and if you could prove you were a Leo after the match, you’d get another disc. It got so complicated, but his name was going to change every month with a different promotion. I think Ric heard we wanted him to be the Zodiac Man. It was just another lie that came out of those meetings. A lot of it was tongue in cheek in those meetings.

Credit: Fightful.

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