Dolph Ziggler Discusses His Return to Raw, Giving It His All, And His COVID-19 Test


Dolph Ziggler recently answered questions from Sports Illustrated about his move to Raw. He was recently moved to Raw alongside Bobby Roode in a “trade” for AJ Styles to Smackdown. In his first week, Ziggler returned to challenge WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to a match at Extreme Rules.

Ziggler noted that he didn’t ask to be moved, but was fine with the decision once the angle with Otis wrapped up.

I didn’t pitch this, but I feel like [the program between] myself and Otis had kind of run its course. I really liked working with Otis, Mandy and Sonya. If this were the old days and we were going five days a week and doing live events, we would have had even more chemistry and a really special thing. In this day and age, where it’s just a TV show in a closed studio, as young superstars, they came along very quickly. But I don’t know where else we could go with that, so I completely understand the move to Raw.

Ziggler says that there’s always a fear that this could be the last thing he does before being fired, so he gives everything his all.

Story wise, 15 years ago, I came in as a caddy for two months. I assumed I was fired once that was over. Then I became a Spirit Squad guy, until five of us got beat up and thrown into a box, so I assumed I was fired again. As much as I like to pretend that I don’t give it a damn, I’m putting everything I have into this any time I’m out there. But I also like to screw with everybody and say, “I don’t give a damn, just pay me.”

Ziggler answered the question on whether or not his COVID-19 test came back positive or negative.

You will absolutely see me on Raw. We’ve been really cautious with everything, really washing down the ring and keeping everyone isolated. When we go to work, we’re tested. If we get a negative test, then we go to work. Even several months ago, when we weren’t exactly sure what we were being told to do by the CDC on a day-to-day basis, I just wanted to play it safe so I’ve been wearing a mask wherever I can. That’s in the gym, walking into a CVS, even during my walks outside—it’s making me work on my breath a little better.

You can read the whole interview by clicking here.

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