Did Angel Garza’s Injury Change The Ending Of Their Match?


During the WWE Raw Tag Team title match, Angel Garzel suffered an unknown injury to his leg that seemed to throw the rest of the match off. After a Spanish Fly, Garza hit a jumping knee, but landed only on one leg and stayed in that position as the referee threw up an X. Garza made a desperate tag and rolled out of the ring. The ending was quickly rushed, and like two other matches in the past month, the referee ended the match prematurely without a decisive winner. Andrade kicked out of a spinebuster, but the referee counted to three anyway. Everyone, including the commentators and a visibly irritated Angelo Dawkins, were completely shocked by the referee’s decision. Meanwhile, Garza was being checked on by the medical staff on the floor.

Garza’s injury is still not clear, but the current belief is that it’s not as serious as originally thought.

According to Dave Meltzer, while that was obviously not the planned finish, the Street Profits were always supposed to win the match. Garza’s injury did not affect that decision.


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