Christian Gourcuff deplores the lies about his son Yoann


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Withdrawn from football since his dismissal from FC Nantes in December 2020, Christian Gourcuff has decided to cut with this sport, considering himself out of step with it. Now retired in Brittany, the former coach of Lorient or Rennes spoke in an interview with Parisian. Asked about his view of current football, he also briefly returned to his son Yoann, who has also been retired from football since 2019.

It is true that he suffered. I don’t want to talk too much about him. But he is an enthusiast who had physical problems that weighed him down mentally, said the 67-year-old former coach. And we reversed everything saying he had a mental problem. What a crazy thing. If he was unhappy, it was because of his injuries. Not the opposite. Beyond Yoann, I also know players whose human values ​​were too out of step with the world of football.»

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Christian Gourcuff deplores the lies about his son Yoann 24hfootnews.

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