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Chris Jericho Claims Matt Hardy Wasn’t Hurt At AEW’s All Out


During Chris Jericho’s Saturday Night Special Q&A, Jericho answered about the Matt Hardy situation after being asked by several of his fans. Jericho claims that Matt Hardy did take a scary fall and appeared hurt, but was actually fine.

I was scared at first. Obviously it was a stunt gone wrong. I just feel whenever you’re falling from that high, we should have some more tables out there and some pads on the floor but guys are brave, and thankfully, Matt was not hurt, no matter what you hear. He did not have a concussion. He was hurt. He banged his head. But, you know, the match ended very quickly after that and, you know, no one really knows what was going on in that. Thankfully, Matt wasn’t hurt and he was on the show this week and I’m sure he’ll be on the show next week, and for many weeks to come. So I’m glad we did not have anything bad happen there.

These statements from AEW contradict Reby Hardy, Matt’s wife, who claimed Matt “1000%” had a concussion. Also, she questioned why, if Matt wasn’t injured, he wasn’t cleared to wrestle last week if he supposedly didn’t have a concussion. Meanwhile, Tony Khan has said a few times that Matt is fine, that being checked out was just a precautionary measure, and he remains in good health.

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