Bronson Reed Talks Wrestling Adam Cole, Losing North American Title, His Goals


Bronson Reed did a recent interview with Sports Illustrated to promote his match with Adam Cole on Tuesday’s episode of WWE NXT on Syfy. Here are some of the highlights: 

Losing the North American Title to Isaiah “Swerve” Scott: 

“I got to have a moment in the ring with my wife after I won the belt, and now Swerve gets to experience being a champion,” Reed says. “He is extremely talented, and this is a great opportunity for him. Hopefully becoming North American champion inspired people, whether that’s kids from back home in Australia or kids that look a little different or have been told they can’t do what they’re dreaming of doing That is my goal as WWE superstar, especially as a champion.”

Facing Cole: 

“It’s a great opportunity It’s a chance for me to show who I am. I’m not just a regular super heavyweight. I’m a work-rate super heavyweight. I’m excited to work my way up that ladder into the title picture,” said Reed. “That begins with the match against Cole. I’ve always had to work for every opportunity I’ve been given. I’ve started from the bottom rung, from the independents in Japan and going all the way to NXT, and working my way up here.

Wanting to be NXT Champion: 

“I see myself as a main-event-caliber talent for NXT, and that world title is definitely a goal of mine, so proving myself against Cole is very important,” Reed says. “We’ve bumped shoulders backstage before, and I’d always wondered what it would be like to share the ring with him. Now it’s time for people to see it.”


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