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Broncos fans think the fourth quarterback taken later in the 2024 NFL Draft than most mocks


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If the fourth quarterback taken in the 2024 NFL Draft falls to the latter part of the Top 10, then the Denver Broncos should be all over a trade up there.

In our weekly SB Nation Reacts survey with Broncos Country, I asked fans where they thought the fourth quarterback taken in the 2024 NFL Draft will end up going. In quite a few mock drafts, that fourth guy has been going consistently around the fourth pick with desperate teams trading up to get him.

Instead going with that flow, most Denver Broncos fans think that guy will go between the 5th and 7th picks and another large chunk thinks he’ll go between the 8th and 10th picks.

I personally voted for the 8th to 10th range. I think the Minnesota Vikings will end up trading up to get the third quarterback taken, but that fourth guy will end up being passed up in favor of some very elite talent at other positions until a team trades back into the Top 10 to get another quarterback.

If that were to happen, then Denver would be in prime position to move up to get their franchise quarterback without having to pay a king’s ransom to do so.

However, to balance that optimism with some pessimism, there is a good chance the New England Patriots stand pat and take a quarterback. That would leave a desperate Vikings team with the capital of their own to move up for an even bigger king’s ransom to get their guy at the fourth spot.

If that were to happen, the Broncos could just move back and get a guy like Bo Nix and still call it a day. It feels like there is less panic needed here given the available players on the board.

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