Brie Bella Announces Her Retirement on Total Bellas


Last night’s WWE Total Bellas episode saw Brie Bella officially announce her retirement from in-ring wresting. Video from the show can be seen above.

Brie revealed that she and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will be moving back to Phoenix from San Diego as they plan on expanding their family after the birth of their first child, daughter Birdie.

Brie told Bryan on last night’s episode that she is ready for baby #2 as she wants their kids to be close in age. She said she decided that she was going to be fully-retired after last year’s WWE Evolution pay-per-view.

“I know a couple months ago I told you I wasn’t ready for baby number two because I have a lot on my plate,” Brie told Bryan. “But I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I think the comeback really made me realize that I am actually ready. And I do want Birdie and our next baby to be close in age.”

“I love WWE, but the one thing I learned is that I can’t do everything. I just can’t,” Brie continued. And even though she’ll miss it, “I know deep down inside that I’m making the right decision, that the boots have to be hung, that I need to go back to Phoenix and just really put more concentration on the things that are in my future instead of what was in my past.”

Nikki Bella reacted to the announcement on the show and said she wasn’t expecting the change after their returns in 2018. She said, “Talk about dropping two huge bombs. I guess retirement I always thought would be something that Brie and I would talk about together. I just did not expect this big change after such an incredible comeback.”

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