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Brian Cage Reflects On Giving Sting A Powerbomb, Hypes Revolution Street Fight, Talks Traveling The World and more


AEW superstar Brian Cage recently spoke with Muscle and Fitness to hype up his Street Fight matchup at the March 7th Revolution pay per view, where the Machine will team with Ricky Starks to take on the legendary Sting and TNT champion Darby Allin. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Names some of his best experiences wrestling around the world:

I’ve wrestled in India, Pakistan, Korea, Japan. All of them are obviously pretty different from each other. Korea was the first international wrestling that I ever did, so that was a dream, but a little bit of a culture shock. We had to go to the demilitarized zone, which is the border between North and South Korea. The South Korean soldiers have to stand there all day long, looking at the North Korean soldiers, and they all have guns. And then here we were, of course only Americans would do this [laughs], looking at all this like it’s a tourist attraction. We are over there taking pictures and stuff. But it was a cool experience.

Whether he needs to train differently when facing smaller opponents:

I train pretty intense. You touched on a good point; I do represent the big guys … I’m a dying breed [in pro wrestling], I guess. However, I do like to stand out as a breed of my own because of my athleticism and my agility, which is rare. People who see me for the first time might think ‘oh no, it’s another big body guy that can’t move’, and then they find out I can go. I’m not a bodybuilder that tried to become a wrestler, I’m a pro wrestler that happens to enjoy bodybuilding.

On getting to powerbomb Sting:

When they asked me about doing it, I thought it was cool, but I didn’t really think about it until afterwards, so it was like, “How cool is that? I just powerbombed Sting.” But yeah, here’s a guy that is not only a legend in the business, but was the first action figure I owned, too. He’s 61 and he hasn’t taken a bump for six years, he’s had his injuries and his problems. I was very appreciative that he trusted me to do that. I could have delivered it as the most perfect, safe powerbomb of all time, but even then, something [bad] could have happened if you have a [health] issue. That’s kinda like what happened with Seth Rollins. I don’t think, really, Seth did anything wrong. I feel like it was just one of those things where we call it a “bump card” in wrestling, where it’s just kind of a freak accident. Sting was a trooper. I’m glad that I didn’t think about it too much until afterward.

On his upcoming tag match against the Stinger at Revolution:

I’m really excited to be part of this match, and I know Sting has been working on a lot of stuff, so a lot of questions will be answered. Darby Allin is a little nugget and Sting’s time has been and gone, so if either one of them think that they can step up to me, or Ricky Starks, or anyone else in Team Taz, it’s a little ridiculous.

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