Booker T On Vince McMahon’s Response To The Undertaker’s Farewell


During his Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T spoke on Vince McMahon’s emotional reaction to The Undertaker’s farewell ceremony. Here’s what he had to say:

I felt the same thing. I’ve got a wrestling company too, and when you’re talking about your own……I feel a certain way when talking about my creation and what I’ve done and what I know what my guys are gonna do for me one day. Taker is gonna be there for Vince forever. He’s gonna be a guy that’s gonna be in his corner forever. He’s one of Vince’s soldiers and to be one of those soldiers, it means a lot too. In every war, we need a guy that’s gonna lead. Vince McMahon has been that guy that has led for so long and that era – with Taker, Stone Cold, Rock – Vince was one of the boys too. He was right there with them, but he was still always the boss. He was still always the guy that was righting the ship and trying to take us to a certain place.

When you’re doing that, you take a lot of people with you. Vince has taken a lot of people with him along this ride……they’ve got a lot of love for each other. Along the ride, don’t think it was never for a moment not business. At the same time, you’ve just gotta know how to separate the two, and they really were able to do that and create something very, very special and put WCW out of business. It was a ride. Undertaker came through WCW – do you think for a minute we’d be celebrating Mean Mark today? You’ve gotta know exactly how you got here and how this thing was really created. Back then, the Undertaker, Paul Bearer together created something that’ll live through the annals of time as far as wrestling goes. No one will ever be able to top a gimmick like that, no one is ever gonna do a gimmick like that ever again.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: Hall of Fame Podcast. H/T 411Mania.

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