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Booker T On MJF Winning The AEW World Title, Thoughts On Fans Chanting “F**k CM Punk” At Full Gear


On the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and former-five-time world champion Booker T weighed in on AEW’s recent Full Gear pay-per-view event, which included his thoughts on MJF becoming the company’s new world champion, and how fans at the event chose the side of the Elite by cheering “F**k CM Punk.” Highlights can be found below.

On MJF winning the AEW world title at Full Gear:

I like that kid. I like everything about MJF. I had a chat with him on the Jericho cruise a couple of years ago and I thought this kid was a student of the game. I watch him work in the ring as well as out of the ring and it seems like he’s a student of the game, still. I heard a little bit of the press conference that he did after the match. I didn’t see the match, but I did hear some of the press conference on YouTube. He said the ship has been righted and I think that’s what that company needs more than anything, I think they need to get on a track to where people focus on the show as opposed to the drama that’s going on or just the individuals.

His thoughts on fans chanting “f**k CM Punk at Full Gear:

I think when you got a show, it’s got to be focused on everything that’s going on, and everybody on that show, in order to make it successful. When you get to a point where there is only one person being thought about, it can be a problem. Those fans didn’t start chanting that CM Punk chant for no reason when The Young Bucks came out. It was like they were picking sides as far as, you know, this is what we want. We want wrestling. We don’t want drama.

(H/T and transcribed by WrestlingNews.Co)


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