Booker T Not A Fan Of CM Punk Defeating Darby Allin At AEW ALL OUT: “No Reason For Darby Allin To Get Beat”


During the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast Booker T spoke about AEW, specifically wondering why the promotion had CM Punk defeat rising superstar Darby Allin at the recent September pay per view, ALL OUT. The former five-time world champion calls believes that had WWE done the same thing AEW had fans would have revolted and called it bad booking. Check out his full thoughts on the subject below.

Doesn’t think it makes sense for Punk to have defeated Allin:

“There’s a lot of hypocrites in the world out there because if it was a character in WWE doing the same thing that CM Punk has done since coming into AEW — like Punk said the first person he called out is Darby Allin, ‘And I beat him.’ Why? Tell me why. Why did you beat Darby Allin when Darby Allin is considered one of those guys, pillars of that company? Why beat him? I’m just trying to figure it out, and if that same thing would’ve happened vice versa it would be talked about from a negative perspective.”

Asks where Allin has been since the loss to Punk:

“So, don’t be so hypocritical when you see stuff like that happen because me personally, I do not think Darby Allin should’ve got beat. Reason why, there was no reason for Darby Allin to get beat. [Punk] could’ve beat all of these guys that he’s beaten after Darby Allin and we would’ve still had the same thing that we have right now and Darby Allin would still be — what has Darby Allin done since CM Punk?”

(H/T and transcribed by Sescoops)

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