Big E Discusses The Greatest Factions Of All Time and Where The New Day Falls On The List


WWE champion Big E recently spoke with The A Show on RNC Radio about all things pro-wrestling, including his thoughts on who the greatest faction is of all time, and where The New Day sits on that list. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On the greatest faction of all time and where New Day ranks in that list:

Yeah, it’s hard to say. You know, I’m not the one — I’m extremely proud of everything we’ve done. I’m not the type to say, ‘Yeah, we’re the greatest of all time,’ even though I think our resumes are — they’re worthy. I think kind of an interesting metric is when you — a lot of people want to compare us with The Shield, rightfully so. They’re our contemporaries and when you look at everything they’ve accomplished since being broken up, that’s kind of unbeatable. So are we talking about with a faction or tag team success? Or are we talking everything they’ve done since they started as a faction to the end of their careers? Or are we talking about everything they did as a faction together? Because I think that really sways the argument here. But yeah man, I think — and the thing is too is we’re not done. I think [King Xavier] Woods and I are 35 and if we’re in the NFL, we’re old men. In wrestling, we’re young. We still got legs underneath us so, I think we’re gonna continue to add to our resume and I think too, I look back on years past where it felt like we were kind of stale to where we were just kind of floating but now man, we’re seven-plus years in and it feels like our trajectory is just up and up. So, I think we’re gonna continue to add to our resume and continue to solidify our position. But, I’m just always weird with making lists or declaring ourselves the greatest. That’s something I leave up to fans. Our job is to go out there on a weekly basis and keep adding to that resume but, you know, people feel the way they feel and I think a lot of wrestling is tied to nostalgia. So for a lot of people who are my age or older, you can never tell them that the greatest tag team of all time isn’t DX or Demolition or greatest faction [isn’t] Nation of Domination or n.W.o. and I get it because that’s so closely tied with your wrestling fandom especially if you watched those teams when you were younger or you watched with your dad or your brothers or whatever it is and there’s something like — regardless of what Goldberg does or what interviews come out around Goldberg, he was still my guy as a kid so that’s not going to — nothing’s going to sway that so I completely get it. I’m not here to tell anyone that, you know, we’re better than DX or nWo. That’s for everyone else to decide.

On his new theme song done by Wale:

Yeah man, to me that’s like one of the — with my singles run, that feels like it [new theme music] helped to set me on my path, just having that Wale joint. So it started around last year — actually around a year ago when, I think it was maybe September. I don’t remember exactly but around the time that we had that backstage with me and Kof where Kof was hurt and said, you know, ‘I give you my blessing essentially to go off and do your thing.’ But pretty much right after that, I heard from Kevin Dunn and it was essentially like, ‘Hey, we wanna come up with a new theme and think about it’ and initially, I thought, you know, maybe we do — just like remix the current New Day theme and put Wale on but they wanted a whole new track but it was — for me, it was easy. First thing, as soon as I heard, ‘Oh, solo theme? Wale. Wale wanna do it? Wale, get Wale.’ But even before then, Neil Lawy, with WWE Music, he reached out and even before I could say I wanted Wale on it, he just, ‘Wale’ because everyone — he already knew. That’s my go-to, so yeah. I mean the beautiful thing is I actually got to be a part of the process.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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