Best supports to play with Kai’Sa in League


If you’re wondering which champions work best with Kai’Sa, here are the five supports you should be playing with her in season 13.

best kaisa supports

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The best supports to play with Kai’Sa in LoL

If you like playing ADCs and love making sweet outplays, then Kai’Sa is the champion for you. Ever since she was released to League of Legends, she became one of the most popular champions.

Not only because she is strong, but she also has a satisfying kit to play with. That being said, if you’re looking to extract Kai’Sa’s maximum potential, you have to play her alongside specific supports who can share great synergy with.

For that reason, we have created a list of the five best supports that will work with her. By looking at their key strengths and weaknesses, you will know which duos you should be playing in every single match.

Nautilus – the no. 1 support for Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa and Nautlius are probably the best combo you can go for in the current meta.

This is because Nautilus provides an incredible setup for Kai’Sa, allowing her to hit her spells easily and use her burst damage to take down the enemy targets. Nautilus can use his ultimate on any target, and Kai’Sa will able to follow up by using her own R to get closer and kill him with her auto attacks and abilities.

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On top of that, the support can also use some of his crowd controls to peel for Kai’Sa, in case she is getting threatened by the enemies.

If you want to climb soloQ in this meta, Nautilus will always be the primary choice to play with Kai’Sa. While it requires a good level of proficiency and coordination, the combos are quite straightforward and easy to pull off. Be careful when playing from behind, though, as this bot lane struggles when on low resources.

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Thresh – The best Nautilus alternative

There will be times when Nautilus is banned or picked by the enemy team. At that point, you can consider playing Thresh since he provides similar tools and a good amount of engage. 

The main difference with Nautilus is Thresh’s ability to peel and disengage, which is a lot better on the latter. Whether it’s using Flay (E) or the lantern (W), Thresh has many ways to protect her ADC.

That said, as a trade-off, Thresh will lose out a bit on hard engage since he’s highly reliant on his hooks (Q) to hit. For that reason, this duo is harder to play because it requires Thresh to be proficient at the champion, so make sure to master him first before playing this bot lane.

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Blitzcrank – Hook champions are the way

Blitzcrank is very similar to both Nautilus and Thresh in terms of how he synergizes with Kai’Sa. That said, there is a small twist: Blitzcrank setups up Kai’Sa a lot better since he grabs the target toward them.

blitzcrank kai'sa supports

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As long as he’s able to land grabs consistently during the game, Kai’Sa can quickly throw her abilities at the hooked target and bring him or her into lethal range. The target can’t even run away, considering that Blitzcrank has a silence and a knock up coming from his ultimate and E respectively.

If you don’t like playing Thresh or deem him too hard to master, Blitzcrank is the other champion you should be looking to play with the Void marksman. You might need a few games to know exactly how to make the combos work, but it will be worth the time.

Pyke – The aggressive combo

Pyke is one of the best supports for Kai’Sa, but he’s the only one that allows her to play aggressively during the laning phase. Thanks to his assassin nature and damage, this duo will prevail in the majority of 2v2s.

Moreover, the two have an incredible all-in potential at level 6 when they get access to their ultimates. Pyke has more damage compared to traditional supports and he can execute enemies with his Death from Below (R).

That said, playing aggressively is much harder to do, and being overaggressive can backfire quickly, putting you in a tricky situation. Always pay attention to what you want to do at all times, and be ready to react to each other’s calls.

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Rakan – One of the most versatile supports for Kai’Sa in the meta

To round off the list we have Rakan, who has a similar level of versatility to Thresh. He can both engage and protect, but he’s a little bit squishier. This is because Thresh gains increasing armor with his passive, while Rakan is inherently less tankier due to his build. When it comes to hard engage, though, Rakan’s abilities are a lot more reliable.

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The two have a decent laning phase, but it’s one of the strongest ones out there. Whether you can play aggressively or not depends on the matchup.

Regardless, both of you will gain a lot more value during the teamfights: Rakan will be able to apply his crowd controls or multiple targets, while Kai’Sa will be dishing out damage with her own combos.

That said, Rakan can also use the spells to peel Kai’Sa if needed: understanding which role you have every game is a key factor in mastering the champion.

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