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Bears play better team and lose


Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
Kyler Gordon continues his two game streak of picking the ball off every game

The Bears get another opportunity to sharpen their maws on one of NFL’s best on a cold Chicago afternoon.

For the second week in a row, an undermanned Chicago Bears squad faces up against one of the best teams in the NFL. For streaks in both games, the Bears have looked like they belonged. Not the worst!

Box score

Extend David Montgomery

This Bear has been the second best player on offense this year. He runs hard, and he excels in Bear weather. The Bears have more money than they can use. Do it now.

Update: Montgomery had a little whoopsie fumble. The Bears should extend him before the next play and take advantage of the fumble discount.

Velus Jones Jr. revival era

Velus Jones has had a rough start to his NFL career, fumbling the ball just slightly less often than he’s touched it, but his revival and ultimate ascension to fulfill his rightful place as fast Deebo Samuel begins today, with two great kick returns and a third down reception just short of the sticks. Keep it up, young bear!

Update: This era is picking up steam quickly, as VJJ pulled in a deep pass perfectly placed between two Bills to give the Bears some much needed spark at the end of the 3rd quarter!

Kyler Gordon ascension continues

Two games, two picks. No big deal. Kyler Gordon started the game by swatting down a pass intended for superstar receiver Stefon Diggs and has been playing on fire ever since. This rookie class is starting to look pretty good.

Bears special teams: Heads will roll

Trenton “The Gillotine” Gill has punted the ball within the 5 yard line two weeks in a row. Expect that streak to continue indefinitely.

Cairo Santos revival era

Cairo has had his misses this season, but he nailed an extra point and a field goal on the day the Bills’ kicker couldn’t tell his foot from a buffalo’s wing. Great way to kick off his revival era.

Maybe too many offensive line injuries

The Bears running lanes are smaller than I’ve seen them this season. Even superbear David Montgomery is running into more defenders than he can carry with him. De facto WR1 Dante Pettis needs to start getting open quicker if we’re going to be able to keep moving the ball.

Why can’t we script more plays?

The Bears offense always seem to do better on the early “scripted” plays. Why can’t we just script more? Do they need more play scripters? I would be happy to send them the script for the Bears fan fiction radio play I wrote but never produced as an application.


Despite one of the worst pressure rates in the NFL, the post-bye Bears defense is a turnover factor. This may result in giving the ball back to an ineffective offense for three plays at a time right now, but once the Bears start using my scripted plays, the sky’s the limit.

UDFA CBs keep proving the league wrong

Rookies Josh Blackwell and Jaylon Jones may not have been drafted, but they’re certainly playing like they belong in the NFL. The weather may be a factor, but we didn’t see a big drop-off today with Jaylon Johnson and Kindle Vildor out. Good bears.

Herbie might not be fully loaded yet

Bears running back Khalil Herbert had his first game back from IR, but wasn’t able to make much happen on his touches. Certainly the blocking was a part of it, but I suspect he isn’t back to full speed.

Fields is still the real deal, and the Bears are still positioned to draft a superstar prospect. Business as usual for the 2022 Bears.

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