Baiken Guilty Gear – Tips & Tricks, Lore and How to Play


Guilty Gear Strive’s cast of characters offers loads of choice. Picking who to main isn’t just down to where someone stands in the Guilty Gear tier list though, there are loads of factors like your personal play style and preference to take into account. If you’re looking for a character to focus on, Baiken in Guilty Gear is one of the best.

Baiken is fun to play, and she often pops up in high-level games too. You can expect to see the character at major Guilty gear tournaments like EVO Japan.

Who is Baiken though?

This is everything you need to know about Baiken Guilty Gear’s background, lore and how to play them.

Baiken Guilty Gear Strive

Source: Arc System Works

Who is Baiken in Guilty Gear?

Guilty Gear Strive’s Baiken is one of the most popular GG characters. She has a bit of an over-the-top design, but one that’s won over loads of Guilty Gear fans over the years. She’s been appearing in games for quite a while now, so at this time a serious amount of lore has built up! If you’re more interested in actually getting into the fighting though, there are some Guilty Gear Baiken tips and tricks which should help you out.

Baiken Guilty Gear Tips and Tricks

Baiken Guilty Gear Strive

Source: Arc System Works

  • In Neutral – Forward slash is one of Baiken’s best moves from Neutral as it allows for a lot of combo set-up. Another is Down Heavy Slash, which has more range.
  • Against Crouching – Baiken up against crouching opponents gives you a lot more neutral options, you have a few combos you can go into a lot easier since crouching opponents take more stun. Take advantage of this.
  • Tether – Baiken can tether to opponents to improve the combos she has available and make them more forgiving. You do this by throwing or using a slower input to throw out the tether manually.
  • Parrying – Guilty Gear Strive Baiken’s special attack can parry and then follow up with a counter. You can do this on everything but projectiles, so get used to using it a lot.
  • Tatami Mat – This is one of the Baiken Guilty Gear mechanics. The Tatami mat is key to quite a few combos. When combined with the tether you can loop the smaller combos to really extend the amount of damage you’re doing.
  • Stay Close – Baiken in Guilty Gear Strive is a close-up fighter, try and stay up in your opponent’s face.
  • Projectiles – Be careful against projectile-based fighters, it limits a lot of her kit and these are worse matchups.
Baiken Guilty Gear Strive

Source: Arc System Works

Baiken in Lore

Baiken has been appearing since the very first Guilty Gear, and there’s a big story that’s developed over time.

Baiken’s background dates back to the Crusades, when Japan was attacked by Justice. Baiken was placed into a colony where she lived through a disastrous raid that cost her an arm, an eye, and her parents. Baiken Guilty Gear story really starts off here, where she vows to get revenge for this once she found That Man, the person responsible.

Her appearances in other games involve Baiken perusing this vendetta, trying to track him down. Along the way, she ends up in loads of different stories though, before actually managing to meet That Man and re-assess things, which naturally leads to her killing people and becoming a serial killer. Weirdly that’s a character development shared by Faust Guilty Gear lore too.

By the time we get to Guilty Gear Strive, Baiken is in a calmer place. With That Man eventually dead, the end of the game finally provides some closure.

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