Andy Murray: ‘I’ve certainly questioned myself at times’


At 35 years old and after many operations and physical problems, Andy Murray never ceases to amaze. The British tennis player canceled a match point and beat the Italian Matteo Berrettini, seed number 13 of the tournament, after more than four hours of play. Today is Murray’s 50th Australian Open victory, a success that demonstrates the value and numbers of a tennis player without end. The tennis player made the following statements at his press conference, these are his words: “Well, I must say that I feel tired. But lucidly reflecting on the match, I think it was a really good match. I held out until the end, at one point he was able to run away and run given his level. I had several chances to close, actually, otherwise I think I could have closed even in the third set. I played very well and I’m glad I did. In recent years I have questioned myself many times and many people have questioned me and my abilities. Now I felt very proud after the game, I felt proud and that’s not something I’ve had a lot in the last few months, I worked hard and trained, I fought from start to finish and I was impressed with my level. I’m usually not impressed, in fact I tend to get mad at myself, but after tonight I think you can give me some credit, after all the last few years have been rough. I lost a lot of close matches, I think about the matches against Tsitsipas and Isner at Wimbledon, I deserved to win.” The tennis player continued to talk about his specific training in Australia: “I was there for three weeks, I went to the physiotherapist and we trained there every day.”

Murray struggled with numerous injuries 

Andy Murray reflected on the extremely difficult last few years, where he has had to fight various injuries. “I think the last few years, I’ve certainly questioned myself at times,” Andy Murray said. “There’s certainly a lot of people questioning me and my ability, whether I could still perform at the biggest events and the biggest matches. Yeah, I felt very proud of myself after the match. That’s not something that I generally felt over the years at the end of tennis matches. I’m proud of the work that I’ve put in the last few months. I’m really proud of how I fought through that match in the end. I’m hard on myself, usually. Tonight, I need to give myself some credit because the last few years have been tough,” he added.

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