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AEW Rampage 7/1/22 Results


The Blood & Guts hangover is real, but we’ve got a Royal Rampage on tap tonight as the winner of the battle royal gets a shot at Jon Moxley’s Interim AEW World Heavyweight Title! Let’s see what else is up:

  • The Young Bucks vs. Yoshi-Hashi & Hirooki Goto
  • Toni Storm vs. Nyla Rose
  • 20 Man Royal Rampage (Matt Hardy, Frankie Kazarian, Dustin Rhodes, Orange Cassidy, The Blade, Tony Nese, John Silver, Rush, Penta Oscuro, Hangman Page, Powerhouse Hobbs, Shane Strickland, Konosuke Takeshita, Keith Lee, Ricky Starks, Brody King, Darby Allin, Max Caster, Dante Martin, The Butcher)

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AEW Rampage 7/1/22

We are still coming to you from the Little Caesar’s Arena in the Motor City! Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary tonight and we’re getting right to the Royal Rampage!

Match #1. 20 Man Royal Rampage

Okay so it seems like there are two rings, each wrestler is assigned a ring (red and blue), and the winner of each ring meet in the middle? Darby and Tony Nese are in the blue ring, and Hobbs and Page are in the red ring. Ricky Starks is the #3 red ring entrant. Coffin splash by Darby to Nese and Darby dumps him on to Smart Mark Sterling. Darby follows up with a tope through the ropes for good measure. Butcher is out as the #3 blue ring competitor. Butcher swings Darby into the guard rail on the outside before officially entering. Red #4 is John Silver as he attacks both Starks and Hobbs with clothesline. Double back suplex by Page and Silver to Hobbs… followed by a huge hug. Blue #4 is Max Caster. Silver and Page tease throwing each other out but end up in another hug. Butcher fakes a scissor with Max Caster. Red #5 is Rush! Silver targets Rush to no avail as Rush drops him with a heavy chop. Blue #5 is the Blade. Fireman’s carry into a soccer kick double team to Darby by Butcher & Blade. Red #6 is Penta Oscuro. Penta and Rush in the same ring! Rush attacks Penta on the ramp but Penta sees it coming and hits a super kick followed by a sling blade on the ramp. John Silver gets eliminated by Ricky Starks.

Blue #6 is Swerve as he cleans house and plants Butcher with a rolling thunder flat liner! Max Caster gets eliminated by Swerve. Keith Lee is Red #7 as he and Swerve stare each other down ring to ring. Matt Hardy is Blue #7 and goes right after from HFO member Blader. Now Butcher. Red #8 is “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes. Dustin gets dropped quickly by Hobbs who fights his way up. Penta and Rush are lighting each other up with chops as a hurricanrana by Penta takes both men to the apron. The fight continues as Penta lands a superkick but Rush low blows him which causes them both to be eliminated. Andrade plants a chair on the face of Penta. Blue #8 is Frankie Kazarian who goes right after Darby. Side effect by Hardy to Blade but Butcher dumps him and he’s out. Red #9 is Dante Martin and he’s determined to eliminate Ricky Starks to no avail. Hobbs saves Ricky and locks Martin in a full nelson. Blue #9 is Konosuke Takeshita! Leaping lariat to Sweve and a Blue Thunder Bomb for Darby. Double German suplex to Swerve and Darby! Clothesline by Blade and a low bridge by Butcher eliminate Kazarian. Brody King is Red #10. Dustin attacks King but gets dropped with a clothesline for his efforts. Orange Cassidy is Blue #10 and the last entrant in this Royal Rampage. King eliminates Martin with a big overhand chop. Double hurricanrana by Orange to Butcher and Blade. Takeshita and OC square off and the crowd loves it. Takeshita counters the round the world DDT to a brainbuster! Team Taz eliminates Dustin Rhodes. Takeshita misses a rising knee as Butcher and Blade toss him over the top rope.

Swerve just dumps OC from behind. Butcher and Blade Drag the Lake on Swerve and he’s gone. Powerhouse Hobbs gets tossed by Lee who then gets eliminated by Starks. Starks get low bridged by Hangman but King clotheslines Page over the top rope! Brody King is the winner of the red ring! Darby Allin eliminates both Butcher and Blade at the same time and Darby has won the blue ring! Brody wastes no time and attacks Darby with a huge powerbomb. Cannonball senton in the corner by King! King puts Darby up top and follows him up. Darby fights King off and pushes him to the apron. King locks in a choke over the rope and pulls Darby over the top rope. King is holding Darby over the ground as he chokes him unconscious and drop him. Brody King wins!

Winner and new #1 contender for the Interim AEW World Heavyweight Title: Brody King

Rating: **1/2. Really tough to rate. You can tell it was clipped pretty heavily as soon as the final entrant came out, we wrapped up in about 60 seconds. Cool to see King get the win here and while he won’t beat Moxley, it’ll be fun while it lasts.

Alex Marvez is here with Hook and everyone wants to know what’s next. “Anything essential, is invisible to the eyes.” – Hook.

Alright then.

Match #2. Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi vs. The Young Bucks

If Goto & Hashi win, they earn a tag team title match in the future. Goto starts with Nick Jackson and lands a big shoulder block. Hashi in now and we’re beating the war drums. Matt gets the quick tag and lands a pair of Northern Lights suplexes but Goto is in now… double Northern Lights! Top rope assisted escalara by Nick to the outside. Back inside and Hashi is getting double teamed as we head to PIP. Hashi gets tossed to the outside and Nick follows it up with a running soccer kick from the apron as we go to a real commercial break. Back from break and Hashi hits a vertical suplex. Tag to Goto who clears the ring of the Bucks and lands a leg lariat in the corner to Matt. Bulldog by Goto gets a two count. Blind tag by Nick Jackson who hits a running enziguiri followed by an assisted sliced bread. Running knee strike by Nick gets a two count. Clothesline by Goto to Matt and a Russian Leg Sweep/Block Buster combo get a long two count! Big lariat by Goto drops Nick but a superkick by Matt puts a stop to that. Lariat by Hashi and all four men are down. Nick Jackson is the legal man and Goto picks him up in the fireman’s carry… UshiGoroshi by Goto! Two count. Assisted GTR attempt but Matt Jackson takes out Hashi with a super kick. Double super kick to Goto! BTE Trigger to Yoshi-Hashi! Goto is in the other ring and Nick sees it… triple jump cross body block! Matt has Yoshi-Hashi in a tombstone position… Meltzer Driver! That’s all she wrote.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Rating: **3/4. This wasn’t a great match, but it wasn’t a bad match. I don’t think anyone thought Goto & Hashi would win so that took some steam away from the match, but it ended up being pretty decent. The last half really picked up, and the Bucks got a strong win albeit over a team that the majority of AEW fans are not familiar with.

Match #3. Nyla Rose with Marina Shafir vs. Toni Storm

Interesting choice for the main event here. Rose on the attack early but Storm counters with a dropkick to the knee. Vertical suplex by Rose. Storm hits the ropes but Shafir pulls the rope down and then push kicks Storm on the outside, all the while Rose has the referee distracted. On the outside now, Rose throws Storm into the ring steps. Rose looks to clothesline Storm but Storm ducks and Nyla eats ring post. Storm throws Rose into the guard rail and back into the ring. Rose doesn’t let up however and locks in a modified camel clutch. Storm fights back with back elbows and eventually crawls to the bottom rope. Rose hits the big avalanche in the corner but misses a cannonball senton in the corner. Storm sees the opportunity… running hip attack! Shafir attempts to pull Nyla from the ring but doesn’t, however it allows Rose to guillotine Storm on the top rope. Storm responds by a diving double DDT off the apron to Shafir and Rose on the floor. Diving cross body block by Storm off the top gets a one count. Body block by Nyla gets a two count. Nyla looking for the Beast Bomb but Storm rolls through as Rose sits on her. Two count. O’Connor roll out of the corner attempt but Rose rips off the top turnbuckle. Rose drapes Storm on the top rope and misses the diving knee drop. Storm capitalizes with a German suplex. Tornado DDT by Storm as she launches off of Shafir. Another jumping DDT by Storm. One, two, three!

Winner: Toni Storm

Rating: *3/4. Not sure where to start with this one, but immediately I felt like the crowd was exhausted and honestly, just didn’t care. These two women did not mesh well at all, and Shafir on the outside only made for more awkwardness. I’m all for Storm getting a win after losing in her title hopes at Forbidden Door, but this was a lackluster showing at best.

Post-match, Shafir jumps Storm but Thunder Rosa’s music hits and she’s here to make the save. Rosa and Storm dump the heels and the crowd chants for Thunder Rosa. “We could have a Thunder Storm on our hands!” – Excalibur.

Final Thoughts: Not the best Rampage tonight. I’m not a booker, but I think the Royal Rampage Rumble in the Jungle World War 3 Battle Bowl Battle Royal should have been the main event. You’re asking a lot of the crowd to still be invested in a Toni Storm vs. Nyla Rose match roughly six hours into a live event. Jim Ross sounded… different, tonight. I don’t want to say “unmotivated” because there’s no way for me to know that, but his commentary came across as subdued and lacking energy. I think the move to Rampage for Ross is a good one, as a taped, one hour show, might be better for him at this point in his career. That being said, I feel AEW has had so many big events (Double or Nothing, Road Rager, Forbidden Door, Blood & Guts) in such a short span, getting “back to normal” might be tough. 6/10.

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