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AEW Rampage 6/24/22 Results


AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door is just two days away and we’ve got a big go-home show planned. Let’s take a look:

  • Mercedes Martinez & Serena Deeb vs. Laynie Luck & Sierra
  • The DKC vs. Hook
  • Cash Wheeler vs. Jeff Cobb
  • Andrade vs. Fenix

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AEW Rampage 6/24/22

We’re still here at the UWM Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Taz, Excalibur, and Chris Jericho are here on commentary tonight and as always, we’re heading directly to the ring!

Match #1. Andrade el Idolo vs. Rey Fenix

Both men are wearing white… THERE WILL BE BLOOD. I kid. Andrade starts off with a stiff forearm but Fenix responds with a springboard hurricanrana. Hurricanrana by Andrade and we’ve got a stare down! Spinning back kick by Fenix and a rebound back heel hick. Fenix looks for a suplex by Andrade reverses into a suplex. Another one. Looking for the three amigos but Fenix reverses the third one into a three amigos of his own. Fenix heads up to the top but Andrade rolls to the outside.. but Fenix hits a diving senton anyway about 10 feet out! Back in the ring and Fenix hits a high angle German suplex with a bridge for a two count. Running elbow by Fenix but Andrade tosses Fenix to the outside and he lands hard. Andrade follows up and tosses Fenix shoulder first into the steps. Andrade gets a two count back in the ring followed by the side headlock while we’re in PIP. Andrade heads up top and Fenix follows. Andrade pulls Fenix’ legs out and hits a double stomp to a draped Fenix for a two count! Double jump arm drag by Fenix followed by a double stomp. Fenix heads up top and hits a stalling missile drop kick from the top rope! Two count. Rolling thunder cutter by Fenix! Two count. Fenix looking for a frog splash off the top but Andrade gets his knees up for a two count. Fenix hits an enziguiri and attempts to walk the ropes but Andrade crotches him on the top rope. Both men are on the apron now and Andrade looks for the running knees but Fenix moves! Holy cow that was absolutely brutal. Fenix with a diving double stomp to the back of Andrade on the outside! Fenix works to get Andrade back in the ring but both men are labored here. Andrade finally rolls in and Fenix goes up top looking for a swanton bomb… and misses! Andrade hooks the leg but only gets a two count. Both men are on the outside now and we’re killing time during PIP again. Andrade sits Fenix on the top rope as we go to a full-on commercial break. Back from break and Fenix hits an inverted Spanish Fly from the top! One, two, no! Jose passes the tablet to Andrade but Aubrey catches him and tosses the tablet. Low blow attempt by Andrade is also blocked. Double jump spinning heel kick by Fenix and Andrade heads to the outside. Diving senton to the outside by Fenix. Aubrey is trying to break up the fight between Alex and Jose and we see RUSH! Rush punts Fenix directly in the yam bag and rolls him back in the ring. El Idolo by Andrade finishes it.

Winner: Andrade el Idolo

Rating: ***3/4. This match was full speed and while the ending felt a little bit flat, the action was there the whole time. Fenix is so good and I’m glad to see Andrade get a big win. Personally, I’d have like to see Rush do something other than a low blow, but that’s just me. Lucha Brothers vs. Le Faccion Ingobernable? Yeah man, sign me up for that.

Rush and Andrade pose as they rip the mask off of Fenix! Here’s Penta to make the save.

Eddie Kingston says he wants to taste Jericho’s blood at Blood & Guts next week.

Keith Lee & Swerve are here and Swerve says even though they don’t see eye to eye, they’ve been on a roll lately. Keith Lee isn’t so sure they’re on the same page, but they’ve got to keep winning.

Match #2. Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez vs. Laynie Luck & Sierra

Anyone else completely forgot Mercedes was the ROH Women’s champ? Waist lock by Sierra but Deeb immediately locks in an abdominal stretch. Hard chops by Deeb but Luck gets the tag. Mercedes is in too and locks in a kimura. Luck with a roll up gets one. Spine buster by Mercedes but Deeb tags herself in. Inverted Indian Death Lock by Deeb as Sierra comes in and gets spine bustered on Luck. Luck gets to the ropes and Mercedes gets the tag. Flying forearm by Mercedes but Deeb gets the tag and it’s a combo clothesline and dropkick in the corner. Flying elbow to the back of Luck. Stereo Brass City Sleeper and Serenity Lock gets the double tap pretty quickly.

Rating: *1/2. Elongated squash, but I’m interested in the Martinez/Deeb dynamic and it’s nice to see the ROH title back.

Tully Blanchard Enterprises is back, baby! Kaun, Toa, and Brian Cage are ready to take over. Speaking of Ring of Honor…

Jonathan Gresham is here with Lee Moriarty and Moriarty believes he deserves a shot at the title. Here’s Tully Blanchard! Tully says his guys deserve the shot instead, but Gresham challenges Tully’s guys to a tag match against himself and Lee Moriarty. Did AEW just remember ROH existed?

Match #3. The DKC vs. Hook

The DKC is a bad man, but he gets taken down early as Hook looks for a knee bar. DKC gets to the ropes and blasts Hook with a forearm. Hook responds with some heavy knees and body shots. Uchimata by Hook but DKC responds with some heavy chops. Hook’s not happy. Hook ducks under a chop and hits an overhead throw. Crossfaces by Hook. Hook gets the hooks in and locks in the RedRum. That’s it.

Winner: Hook

Rating: NR. Squash city, Jones.

Match #4. Cash Wheeler vs. Jeff Cobb

Caprice is here on commentary! Trading shoulder blocks to start before Cash hits a low dropkick. Cash looks for a drop toe hold but Cobb doesn’t bite. Mat return by Cobb followed by a front chancery. Cash looks for a head lock, but Cobb responds with a side winder back suplex. Both men on the outside now as Cobb runs Cash into the ring post back first. Cobb now focusing the attack on the lower back of Cash. Cobb goes surfing and stops Cash’s comeback attempt with some hammer strikes. Cash gets to the apron but Cobb grabs him and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Reverse chin lock by Cobb followed by some stomps to the chest. Canadian back breaker by Cobb as Cash tries to get to the ropes. Cash wiggles out the back and locks in a rear naked choke. Cobb fights back to the turnbuckle but Cash doesn’t let up. Cobb fights out with some hip attacks. We’re trading closed fists and now we’re trading elbows. Back slide attempt by Cash but Cobb won’t budge. Cash fights back with some elbows and chops. Chop block to the knee by Cash followed by a running European uppercut. Cash goes up top but Cobb catches him. Deadlift stalling vertical suplex attempt by Cobb is blocked. Sunset flip powerbomb by Cash! One, two, no! Cash looks for a short arm clothesline but Cobb moves. Moonsault by Cobb misses. Tour of the Island’s by Cobb but Cash rolls through. One, two, no! Dr. Bomb attempt by Cobb but Cash reverses to a hurricanrana for a two count. Back drop by Cobb followed by a release German suplex. Tour of the Islands! One, two, three.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Rating: **3/4. Decent enough match here but I felt like it never really hit its stride. AEW has made FTR feel important to Cash losing here came as a surprise to me, but I guess you do have to build Jeff Cobb up to the fans who might not be familiar with him.

Great-O-Khan is here but Dax attacks from behind. The United Empire now attack FTR and the Best Friends are here too! Ospreay and Orange Cassidy pair off as the rest of the Best Friends attack Aussie Open. Eddie Kingston is here and he’s attacking Jericho! Jericho and Kingston are fighting through the crowd. Dax has taken his belt off and he’s whipping everyone in sight. Jericho can’t get away from Kingston and the referees are having a tough time breaking this up. Piledriver by Dax to Kyle Fletcher! Eddie Kingston wants very badly to stab Jericho with a pen, too.

Final Thoughts: Really a one match show here. Fenix vs. Andrade was a great way to start, but it feels like the show grinded to a halt afterward. I’m excited for Forbidden Door, but I don’t think this show did anything to increase that level of excitement. On the flip side, I’m very happy to see that Tony remembered he owns Ring of Honor so maybe this is laying the foundation for the rebranding? 6.75/10. 

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