A big soap opera around Lionel Messi ends, another begins


At the end of the contract at PSG, Lionel Messi would refuse to join FC Barcelona, ​​​​his favorite club. However, Saudi football is putting pressure on Paris Saint-Germain now.

Lionel Messi is under contract until next June PSG. However, as revealed to you last October, the Parisian leaders were already preparing a contract extension offer to be submitted to the clan. Messi. And by now, it looks like it smells good for the Paris HolyGerman in his quest to sign Messi.

Between Barça and Messi, it’s over…

To the chagrin of heart rate Barcelona. President John Laporta kept hinting at a possible return of Messi at Camp Nou throughout the summer of 2022. Nevertheless, according to the journalist Alfredo Martinez, Lionel Messi would not have changed his mind and would refuse to return to the heart rate Barcelona next offseason. Moreover, there would have been no contact with the heart rate Barcelona.

…Saudi Arabia gets involved

The TV series Barcelona is therefore over, but a completely different one seems to be beginning in Saudi Arabia. AlNasr recently got his hands on the eternal rival of Lionel Messi to know cristiano Ronaldo. And according to ESPNthe Saudi Pro League would be ready to give it a shot Lionel Messi according to sources familiar with the matter. The Saudi football league is said to be ready to go all-in with clubs in its league to help them recruit stars such as Lionel Messi. And in Saudi Arabia, Messi will be eligible for a contract equal to that of Ronaldo

A big soap opera around Lionel Messi ends, another begins 24hfootnews.

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