“A big mistake”, he lets go of his truths about his departure from OM


OM coach between 1997 and 1999, Rolland Courbis was one of the unfortunate players in the incredible 1998-1999 season which saw the Girondins de Bordeaux and his club, OM, neck and neck throughout the post-1998 World Cup exercise. Precisely, after this season, Rolland Courbis admits having made a mistake.

After such disappointment as the loss of a title that held out their arms, the 1999-2000 season was very complicated for Roland Courbis and his men, so much so that he was sacked in November 1999.

“Come on, let’s get revenge”

The reason for this continuity on the Olympian bench is the desire to take revenge for the blow of fate that had struck OM last season. With 2 points ahead of the Girondins of Bordeaux three days from the end, Marseilles breaks down and ends up two points behind its historical rival. Rolland Courbis remembers this season after: “ I was too pissed and I was like “come on, we’re going to get revenge”. Finally, we change the physical trainer, which is a huge bullshit and we end up with 24 injured players in the first two months. Like I said before, at that point I should have cut and blown. I programmed the kick in the ass myself. Added to that, the relationship with then-president Yves Marchand also weighed in the balance. The point that we miss the season before also changes a lot of things in the equation. »

“I made a big career management mistake”

All these little glitches have left Rolland Courbis feeling too much for the season on the bench. OM : “ At that time, I made a big career management mistake, perhaps the biggest one. I don’t have to embark on the following season, it’s a decision that I later regretted. I should have taken a step back, digested these hammer blows and these stupid scenarios and come back a year or two later, why not at OM for that matter. It was one year too many and I find that when you are a player, coach or selector, it is difficult not to do this year too many precisely. “.

“A big mistake”, he lets go of his truths about his departure from OM 24hfootnews.

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