Zidane at OM, Nasri releases his conditions


The former OM player mentioned the possibility of seeing the French technician land in Marseille.

“If I go back to a club, it’s to win. I say this in all modesty, “said Zizou last June to L’Equipe. These words from the former Real Madrid coach seem to close the doors of many teams, including Juventus, in bad shape after the penalty of fifteen points in Serie A, as well as Olympique de Marseille, his “heart club”. Of course, the Marseille fans dream of seeing the child from the region on the OM bench and for Samir Nasri, owner of the Channel Football Club, it is entirely possible.

Zidane wants to win

“Zidane coaches because he likes it. He doesn’t train for the money, he won’t take on just any project, just one that is close to his heart. He won’t go to England, he won’t be able to. With a real project, with ambitions. If tomorrow there is a buyer with a real budget, Zinedine Zidane at OM. Will he be afraid of pressure? Not at all,” said Samir Nasri.

“OM is his favorite club. PSG, there were rumors, he did not go there because Olympique de Marseille is his heart club. In the report, we talk about Madrid, Turin, these are the clubs that mattered to him. England, it’s not just about the language, it’s that he finds his energy doesn’t go with English football,” Nasri added. “Does it shock me if he signs in Paris? Me, personally no. He can do whatever he wants, I understand, I agree with him. He can sign for PSG, he has a good relationship with the Qatari club, but he is too Marseille at heart to go to Paris. Zidane has the right to do what he wants, another Marseille player maybe not, but Zidane yes. He did not play for OM, so yes I endorse. If he needs to train, if he wants to, let him go to Paris… ”, concluded the former Citizen.

Zidane at OM, Nasri releases his conditions 24hfootnews.

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