Young Bucks On Possibility Of Signing With WWE, Why Now Isn’t A Good Time To Go To WWE, TNA Run


Source: E&C Pod Of Awesomeness

Recently on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, pro wrestling greats Edge and Christian welcomed The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, to the show. The three-time ROH World Tag Team Champions talked about the turning point in their professional wrestling careers and whether a WWE run is in their future.

According to Nick, leaving Impact Wrestling was a major turning point in their pro wrestling journey as they decided to gamble on themselves.

“One of those moments was leaving TNA, to be honest. It took guts for us to leave something that could have been even more better than what it was at that point. But we felt like we were being underutilized at that point and we weren’t making money at all really.”

Nick continued, “I think it took guts for us and it showed that we had confidence in ourselves to leave there and try to get popular on our own. From there, we said to ourselves, ‘let’s just try something different and try to have fun’ and from there on out though, it seemed like it clicked.”

On the subject, ‘Mr. Instant Replay’ said the brothers started using the personas they had gotten over at PWG everywhere.

“We just realized that we can’t just hand our stuff over and hope that someone else has our best interests [at heart]. Like, we learned that the hard way. So I think we realized, ‘let’s just do it our way and let’s not rely on someone else to get us over. Let’s get ourselves over. We know we’re good wrestlers. Let’s show everyone we’re good wrestlers. Let’s also have a little bit of an attitude switch.'” Matt reflected, “something just switched in us that we quit that place and we just decided to do an attitude switch and we just started experimenting with something we’d been using at a company called PWG, Nick was talking about earlier. We kind of used these characters where we had that attitude and it got over in Reseda [California], but it was the only building we had ever gotten over at, so we said, ‘let’s try to take that same attitude – let’s use that same character we got over in one building, let’s try to do it everywhere.’ And that’s what we did. We decided to just take that act on the road and fortunately we started getting booked a lot.”

As for whether ‘The Biz Cliz”s elite tag team will one day materialize in the WWE Universe, ‘Slick Nick’ indicated that the pair is under contract for approximately 18 more months.

“Right now, we can’t, obviously, because we’re under a contract for the next, what, 18 months or so. But I don’t know. It’s such a hard question to answer because right now, I’d say ‘no’, obviously, because I can’t and we’re having a blast, like, on our own, doing it the way we do it. We’re having a good time doing it. I don’t know. It’s never say ‘never’, I guess. You can’t really say ‘no’ to that because that is the place everyone has wanted to wrestle, so I can’t say ‘no’, but, as of now, we’re happy with what we’re doing.”

Matt posited that would not be a good time for The Bucks to go to WWE right now because so many talents are getting signed there and they would not want to get lost in the shuffle.

“Even if we were available right now, now is not the time to go for us because everybody in the world is going there and so for the first time I can even remember, it doesn’t seem cool to go there right now.” Matt admitted, “I think for us, if we did sign right now, we’d probably be lost in the shuffle.”

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