WWE Trying to Prevent Live MYC Spoilers from Full Sail University?


It looks like WWE was trying to keep a lid on spoilers being leaked at The Mae Young Classic tapings last night.

Two different correspondents at Full Sail University noted that there was talk of WWE speaking to at least 2 fans in the crowd who were texting spoilers from the matches. One of our longtime correspondents noted that it seemed like they were throttling data on Twitter towards the end of the tapings.

We cannot confirm who WWE spoke to in the crowd but JJ Williams, who for several years has provided WWE NXT updates for and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, revealed on Twitter that he was told to not post finishes anymore by someone who works for the company.

Williams, who has been a major supporter of WWE developmental and has put a lot of eyes on the product over the years, wrote the following on last night’s experience: “I’ve been told to not post finishes anymore by someone who works for the company, we’ve had a good run,” he wrote last night. He continued today, “I was approached and specifically told that they would have to ask me to leave for posting finishes. I asked is that the new rule for everyone? I was told no, it was just the rule for me because I ‘work for a dirt sheet’ I was also told that if it was any other fan they wouldn’t care. Simply because the Wrestling Observer endorses me as their reliable person on site I have now been singled out and am less than a fan to WWE. At this point I have no idea what I can and can not post. Any photos from tonight would be a spoiler as to who advanced, these tickets were $50 per night and yes I always pay for my own tickets to events so why would I risk being removed over petty drama? The worst part is all I’ve ever wanted to do was promote the talent with photos and gifs in addition to showing up. There’s nothing I can do, I’m not even shocked, mostly disappointed, and even if I’m less than ‘just a fan’ I’ll still be at Full Sail tonight having a great time.”

One of our longtime correspondents and Full Sail regulars also noted that there was talk among friends of WWE having issues with The Observer, perhaps due to reasons related to All In and Ring of Honor running Madison Square Garden, which could be why they approached Williams it was speculated.

We will be back at Full Sail tonight for night two of the MYC tapings. Join us for live spoilers at around 7pm EST.

Below are the related Twitter posts from Williams. It looks like he deleted all MYC posts made during the tapings.

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