WWE Superstars React to UFC 229’s Ending


UFC 229 ended in controversial fashion last night. Khabib Nurmagomedov successfully defended his title by submitting Conor McGregor with a rear naked choke in the fourth round. It was the action after the fight however, that had everyone talking.

Khabib started by spitting on Conor. After he was finished with that, he ran over to Conor’s corner and threw his mouthpiece in their direction. He didn’t stop there. He jumped over the cage and started a brawl. Things escalated quickly and took an ugly turn when several of Khabib’s teammates jumped into the cage and sucker punched McGregor.

The bedlam didn’t go unnoticed by WWE wrestlers. Many, including Shayna Bayzler, Steve Austin, Mojo Rawley, Summer Rae, Chris Jericho and Baron Corbin took to Twitter to share their feelings, which ranged from disgust to humor to noticing similarities between the WWE and the UFC.

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