WWE Smackdown 7/9/2015 Results – 9th July 2015


Following are the WWE Smackdown 7/9/2015 – 9th July 2015 Results (Contains Spoilers)

– WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman went back and forth on a promo to build to Battleground for Seth vs. Brock Lesnar. J&J Security’s broken car is here. Announced for tonight is Seth Rollins vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback and Roman Reigns vs. Big Show.

– Dean Ambrose vs. Bo Dallas. Ambrose wins with Dirty Deeds. The crowd started a bit mild on this match.

– Rusev vs Fandango – As you could imagine, Rusev made Fandango humble. He’s also wearing shoes now.

– Roman Reigns vs. Big Show – Yep. Trying to watch Roman Reigns clothesline Big Show was pretty amusing. Bray’s music hit and he came walking down the ramp. Roman stayed in the ring but Bray on the ramp was a decoy on the ramp and Bray attacked from behind and caused a DQ. Bray then hit two Sister Abigails on him. The fireflies live is amazing.

– Titus O’Neill vs. Big E – Titus wins. The rest of New Day got ejected from the match right beforehand.

– We see a vignette of the car getting impounded.

– Randy Orton comes out and cuts a promo on Sheamus. The Ascension interrupts and tell him to get out of their ting. They get RKO’s and “vintage Orton’d.”

– Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs. Naomi and Tamina Snuka – Alicia Fox gets the pin.

– Rollins vs. Ryback – Ryback held Rollins in the air for a good 45 seconds. The match ended when Seth jumped the barricade and ran towards the ramp to get counted out. Big Show came out to help Seth beat down Ryback but Reigns made the save to close the show.

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