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WWE Smackdown 2/19/15 Full Results 19th Feb 2015 | Spoilers


Following WWE Smackdown was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the BB&T Center. on 17th Feb of 2015.
Following are the Results for WWE Smackdown 2/19/15 | Spoilers

1. Daniel Bryan def. The Miz- Bryan came out to open “Smackdown,” receiving a big pop. Miz and Mizdow then made their way to the ring, with the crowd largely behind Mizdow. Because of this, Miz ordered Mizdow to go to the back in order to get an Egyptian cotton towel. In a short match, Bryan made Miz tap to the “Yes Lock.”

2. Ryback def. Kane- Ryback defeated Kane with a “Shellshock,” receiving cheers from the crowd for lifting the towering “Big Red Machine.”

3. R-Truth def. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett- Dean Ambrose was ringside for this non-title match. Truth rolled up BNB for the win due to the latter being distracted by a trash talking Ambrose.

A video package for John Cena vs. Rusev at “Fastlane” aired. Following that, another Sheamus return vignette aired.

Next, Bray Wyatt cut another one of his cryptic promos.

4. The Ascension def. Big E and Xavier Woods- The Ascension won quickly with “Fall of Man.”

5. Roman Reigns def. Luke Harper- For most of the match, Harper was the one getting in good offense. However, Reigns turned things around, winning with a spear.

*Stardust vs. Goldust was announced for “Fastlane.”*

6. Jimmy Uso (w/ Jey Uso and Naomi) vs. Tyson Kidd (w/ Cesaro and Natalya) fails to yield a victor- After the bell went off, Rusev unleashed a vicious attack on the two combatants. Rusev stood tall, yelling Russian into the microphone, before storming off.

7. Seth Rollins (w/ Big Show and Kane) def. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Erick Rowan and Ryback-) As noted on “Monday Night Raw,” J&J Security were banned from ringside for this match. In what the fans perceived as a tremendous main event, Seth Rollins won with a “Curb Stomp.” However, both he and Ziggler shined throughout the match. Following the match, J&J Security came out, joining Kane, Show, and Rollins to surround Ryback and Rowan in the ring. The Authority took down the two big men, with Ryback trying to make one last stand. Despite his best efforts, that too was thwarted, as The Authority closed “Smackdown” standing tall.

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