WWE Refused Tough Enough’s GiGi a Developmental Contract



As we already reported that,  WWE released a detailed list of the new talents and former Tough Enough competitors that officially reported to the WWE Performance Center. Josh Bredl and Sara Lee were on that list because they won the Tough Enough competition. The other five former Tough Enough competitors are currently training at the WWE Performance Center because WWE saw something in them to offer them a contract.

One of the most popular competitors of the Tough Enough competition was Giorgia “GiGi” Piscina. Many fans have been surprised that WWE has signed other talents from Tough Enough, but not GiGi.

According to Dave Meltzer, WWE had the interest in signing Piscina. However, WWE discovered something “troubling” was discovered in her past. Meltzer broke this news and commented on the matter on the site’s message boards. Dave Meltzer nor anyone else can confirm what WWE discovered. According to Meltzer, the matter was “really big”. He added that the general feeling about her was to pretend she was never there.

Whatever it was that GiGi did in her past to make WWE regret the thought of signing her, let alone putting her on Tough Enough and WWWE television. Before being on Tough Enough, GiGi worked as a bikini model and graphic designer in Australia.

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