WWE RAW Results 6/18/18


– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a video package showing Money In the Bank pay-per-view highlights from Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax and the cash-in that saw Alexa Bliss become the new RAW Women’s Champion.

– We’re live from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman.

– We go right to the ring and RAW General Manager Kurt Angle has a mic. Angle welcomes us and is proud to say RAW Superstars won both Money In the Bank briefcases last night. Angle introduces new RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss first and out she comes.

Angle turns it over to Bliss and says she demanded this presentation. Bliss raises the title as some fans boo. Angle says Nia Jax is off doing physical therapy in Alabama but she wants her rematch at WWE Extreme Rules. Bliss asks if Angle is going to go straight to next month without talking about her big night last night. Bliss thanks everyone for the opportunity… a “you deserve it” chant starts up. The opportunity to rub it all in everyone’s faces. Fans chant for Ronda Rousey. Bliss says she showed us what it looks like to beat two bullies, Jax and Rousey. Bliss says she shocked the entire world when she successfully cashed in, so from this moment on there will be no more talk of The Irresistible Force or The Baddest Woman on the Plane, it’s just about Bliss now, the only woman that matters. The music hits and out comes Rousey.

Rousey enters the ring for a fight but Angle gets in front of her. We see the red ring apron cover and the table set up with the briefcase on display. Bliss figured Rousey would be doing physical therapy with Jax. Bliss asks if Rousey came out to show the bruises and marks from the briefcase shots. Bliss taunts Rousey. Bliss asks or did Rousey come out to learn a lesson as UFC isn’t the same as WWE. Bliss says what she did last night was perfectly legal. Bliss goes on and says Rousey better get in the back of the line if she ever wants a title shot. Bliss calls her an over-hyped rookie. Rousey drops Bliss and goes after her but Angle pulls her off. Rousey slams Angle. Bliss goes for a briefcase shot but Rousey avoids it. Rousey beats on Bliss with the briefcase now. Angle comes over to stop her again but Rousey beats him into the corner with briefcase shots. Rousey has snapped. Rousey attacks two referees as well. Rousey grabs Bliss from the corner, picks her up on her shoulders and walks with her. Rousey drives Bliss through the table for a big pop. Fans chant for Rousey now as she makes her exit with the music playing. Angle approaches Rousey on the stage but she turns and heads to the back. Angle follows as we go to a replay.

– We go backstage as we see Bliss down on her back with officials checking on her. The camera cuts backstage to Rousey and Angle arguing. Angle suspends Rousey for 30 days. He tells her to get her things and leave. Rousey walks off and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened with Rousey. Renee Young tries to catch up with Rousey backstage but she keeps walking. She stops and says Angle can suspend her but Bliss is the one who will need good luck because she’s coming to kick her pink-haired ass in 30 days, champion or not. Rousey walks off.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. He says the buzz is hot and he wants to keep it going with an Open Challenge. Rollins calls out anyone from the back. The music hits and out comes Dolph Ziggler with Drew McIntyre. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.

The bell rings and Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but misses. Rollins goes for The Stomp and misses that. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler dropkicks Rollins as he tries to springboard in from the apron. Rollins falls to the floor as McIntyre watches. Ziggler keeps control and brings it back into the ring. Fans chant “burn it down!” as they go at it. Ziggler gets the upperhand and drops Rollins for a 2 count. Ziggler with more offense and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ziggler shows off some and takes his time with Rollins as fans boo. Rollins fights back but Ziggler whips him hard into the corner. Ziggler with another 2 count. Ziggler keeps Rollins grounded now.

Ziggler keeps Rollins grounded with a bodyscissors now. Ziggler ends up landing on the ring post after Rollins slingshots him into the corner. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Rollins mounts offense now. Rollins with a Slingblade. Rollins sends Ziggler out to the floor now. Rollins runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive, sending Ziggler into the barrier. Rollins brings it back into the ring and springboards in from the apron with a clothesline. Ziggler kicks out at 2. We go to commercial with Rollins in control.

Back from the break and Ziggler decks Rollins in the corner. Rollins with a backslide for a 2 count. More back and forth as Ziggler rolls Rollins up for a 2 count. Rollins with a big knee for another 2 count. Rollins stares down McIntyre as he gets back to his feet. Rollins readies for Ziggler and hits a superkick. Ziggler avoids the Stomp and drops Rollins for a close 2 count with a Fame-asser. We get replays as they both try to get up.

Ziggler recovers and waits for Rollins to get up. Rollins strikes first with a superkick for another close 2 count. More back and forth. Rollins goes to the top for the Frogsplash but Ziggler moves and Rollins lands hard. Ziggler goes to the top but Rollins cuts him off. Rollins climbs up for a superplex but Ziggler fights him off, sending him to the mat. Rollins runs right back up but Ziggler headbutts him back down. Ziggler jumps for the crossbody but Rollins rolls through and powers up to hit the Buckle Bomb. Rollins follows up with a superkick. Drew gets involved from the floor and Ziggler rolls Rollins up for a 2 count. They trade roll-ups now and Ziggler gets the surprise win out of nowhere.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

– After the match, Ziggler celebrates with the title. Rollins is shocked as we go to replays. McIntyre attacks from behind and they double team Rollins now. They hit the Claymore/Zig-Zag combo move and leave Rollins laying. Ziggler and McIntyre stand tall over Rollins as the music hits.

– Still to come, Mr. Monster In the Bank will be here. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened with Ziggler and Rollins.

– Renee Young is backstage with Ziggler and McIntyre. Ziggler announces that Monday Night Rollins is canceled. You can go cry online or write a blog but there’s no reboot coming, it’s over. Ziggler says this is their show now. McIntyre says they told everyone and this is just the beginning, the first of many titles to come. McIntyre says unlike former champions before them, they will not allow this win to make them soft. Ziggler knocks the others in the back and says the difference between them is that when they say something, they mean it.

Bobby Roode vs. Curt Hawkins

We go to the ring and out comes Bobby Roode as we see some highlights from MITB. Curt Hawkins waits in the ring with 203 straight losses under his belt. Roode has his ribs taped up thanks to Finn Balor.

Hawkins tries to get an early pin after some early offense. Roode with a Spinebuster. Roode calls for the Glorious DDT and hits it for the easy win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

– After the match, Roode celebrates and stands tall as we go to replays.

– Still to come, Strowman is here. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a look at how Braun Strowman won the men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match. We go to the ring and JoJo goes to introduce Braun as Mr. Money In the Bank but she corrects herself and announces him as Mr. Monster In the Bank. Braun makes his way out with the briefcase.

Braun talks about some of the great things he’s done and says this is the greatest, raising the briefcase in the air. Braun says he stepped into the ring with 7 other Superstars, and he stomped and smashed and grabbed the contract. Braun says now all Brock Lesnar has to do is show his face, and he will cash in the contract to become the new WWE Universal Champion. Braun says The Beast is going to get these hands. Fans cheer as Braun raises the case. The music interrupts and out comes Kevin Owens.

Braun is surprised to see Owens out here because he threw him off a 20 foot ladder last night. Owens speaks from the stage and says he probably shouldn’t be out here because it hurts to breathe, let alone talk. Owens says he had to come talk to Braun. He’s not here to steal the spotlight or get retribution, which he couldn’t get if he tried. Owens wants to be the first man from the locker room to say congratulations. Some fans boo. Owens says Braun deserves it. Fans chant “you deserve it” now. Owens knew Braun would win, which is why he tried to get people to work together against him. Owens goes on and says Braun needs to be smart about this, he needs to have a strategy and that’s where Owens comes in. Owens goes on about how he’s really good-hearted. Owens enters the ring now. He says Braun hasn’t needed anyone to watch his back so far but his life changed with the win last night. Owens asks who can Braun trust around here, pointing to how he had to pick a 10 year old kid for his WrestleMania 34 partner. Owens says his own best friend Sami Zayn was injured by Bobby Lashley last night and he’s not sure when he will see him again. Owens says this brings he and Braun standing here alone, in need of a friend. Owens realizes friend may be a strong word but maybe they can help each other or use each other.

Owens goes on and says maybe Braun can give him a title shot once he cashes in and wins. Owens proposes a Monster & Man relationship to begin tonight. He can’t “get these hands” because he’s hurt but all he wants right now is to shake Braun’s hand. Owens extends his hand and Braun shakes it. Owens turns to leave but Braun won’t let go of his hand. Braun pulls Owens close to him and goes for the powerslam but Owens slides out and retreats up the ramp as fans boo. Braun stares Owens down from the ring as his music hits.

– We see how The Riott Squad attacked Bayley last week and wrote on her. We cut backstage and Bayley walks up on Sasha Banks in the locker room. Bayley apologizes for MITB and says she was rooting for Sasha. She asks if she’s OK and she is. They have a few words but Bayley proposes a tag team match and says this can be like a new start for the both of them. Sasha offers her hand and they shake.

– Still to come, Bayley and Sasha vs. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

– We go to the ring and out comes RAW Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. Back to commercial.

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy vs. Rhyno and Heath Slater

Back from the break and Matt Hardy waits in the ring with Bray Wyatt for this non-title match. Rhyno and Heath Slater are already out. The B Team suddenly appears on the big screen, in costume doing their best Wyatt & Hardy impersonations. They do some comedy and warn the champs that they’re coming for the titles. The bell rings as Slater and Rhyno attack Matt and Wyatt from behind.

Rhyno with a quick 2 count on Wyatt. Rhyno runs into boots in the corner. Matt tags in and goes to work on Rhyno. Matt leads the “delete!” chant while slamming Rhyno’s head into the turnbuckles. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but has to drop Slater off the apron instead. Rhyno floors Matt and turns it around. Slater tags in and unloads on Hardy. Slater for a 2 count. Fans chant “he’s got kids!” now. Rhyno tags back in and works Hardy around the ring while talking some trash. Matt with a jawbreaker but Slater tags in. Slater comes off the top but Hardy gets the upperhand and hits a Side Effect.

Wyatt tags in and goes to work on Slater. Wyatt with a big splash in the corner. Wyatt misses a clothesline but launches himself at Slater, taking him back down. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but in comes Rhyno for the save. Matt with a Twist of Fate to Rhyno to send him to the floor. Slater looks to turn it around but Wyatt nails a big clothesline. Wyatt turns upside down in the corner and tags Matt in. They hit the Kiss of Deletion and Matt covers Slater for the non-title win.

Winners: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt

– After the match, Wyatt and Hardy take the titles as their music hits. They pose in the middle of the ring with the titles.

– We get a look back at the opening segment with Rousey, Bliss and Angle.

– Kurt Angle is backstage when “Constable” Baron Corbin walks in. He says RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon is pleased with how Angle handled Ronda Rousey. Angle says to tell Stephanie that he didn’t do it for her and he doesn’t appreciate… Corbin hands Angle the phone and tells him to relay the message to Stephanie himself. Angle takes the phone and tells Stephanie he’s listening. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Angle is still on the phone with Stephanie. He says yes, he understands. This is big news and he will make an announcement later tonight. Angle says yes, he will run everything by Constable Corbin as well. Corbin laughs. Angle walks off and tells Corbin they have work to do.

Jinder Mahal vs. Chad Gable

We go to the ring and out comes Jinder Mahal with Sunil Singh, who is wearing a neck brace. Chad Gable waits in the ring.

Jinder takes the mic and says we must be open to change as human beings. Jinder says he felt the winds of change at Money In the Bank last night. He says Roman Reigns may have won the match last night but Jinder has won the battle of self improvement. Jinder says Reigns is bitter and angry, just like all the fans, but The Modern Day Maharaja has found tranquility. Jinder says he stays committed to change as a spiritual being, unlike his opponent Gable. Jinder says Gable is living his former glory as an amateur wrestler but he must forget about the past, the darkness. Jinder says Gable will see the light… he speaks some in another language and gets ready to go.

The bell rings and Jinder unloads, fighting Gable into the corner. Jinder looks to have fooled everyone with the spiritual talk. Gable nails a Spinebuster but Jinder quickly turns it back around and keeps up the attack on Gable. Jinder drops a knee and keeps Gable grounded now. Gable counters with a big suplex, dropping Jinder on his neck. Jinder runs into an elbow. Gable goes to the second rope and ends up applying an arm submission on the ropes. The hold is broken but Gable keeps control. Jinder blocks another suplex but Gable sends him over the top to the floor. They bring it back in and Gable goes to the top for a big moonsault but Jinder kicks out at 2.

Jinder turns it around and floors Gable with a big boot to the face. Jinder hits The Khallas and covers for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

– After the match, Jinder stands tall as his music hits.

– We see The Riott Squad backstage tipping things over and taunting staffers. Still to come, they will face Banks and Bayley in tag team action. Back to commercial.

– Cole leads us to a video package of Big Show interviewing track & field athlete Joshua Oakley and his family. Josh is a Special Olympian and will be competing in the 2018 Games that kick off next month, sponsored by WWE and others. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole hypes the WWE Super Show-Down event from Australia, set for the WWE Network on October 6th. Triple H vs. The Undertaker will take place at the big event.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. The Riott Squad

We go to the ring and out first comes Sasha Banks. Bayley is out next. The Riott Squad is out next – Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

Bayley starts off with Liv and beats her down. Liv takes it to the corner and tags in Logan. Bayley fights off the double team and hits a running bulldog on Logan for a 2 count. Sasha tags herself in and Bayley has some words with her. Logan takes advantage and drops Banks. Logan blocks a suplex and keeps control. More tension between Bayley and Banks as Bayley tags herself back in. Bayley unloads on Logan and takes her back down.

Bayley knocks Logan off the apron and kicks her through the ropes but gets caught. Bayley sends Logan flying on the floor. Banks and Bayley work together for a quick double team. Bayley hugs Banks on the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Bayley tries to tag but Logan slams her. Logan knocks Banks off the apron and some fans boo. Bayley backdrops Logan but Banks isn’t available to tag. Liv tags in but runs into Bayley’s knees. Banks finally gets the hot tag and unloads on Liv. Banks with a dropkick as fans cheer her on. Banks with double knees to Liv from the second rope. Liv kicks out at 2.

Liv with a jawbreaker to Banks. Liv blocks the Backstabber and floors Banks for a close 2 count as Bayley makes the save. Logan runs in and tries to toss Bayley to the apron but Bayley counters and sends Logan to the floor. Bayley kicks Logan away and drops her on the floor again. Banks tries to tag but Bayley isn’t there. Liv whips Banks hard into the corner. Liv misses a big stomp in the corner. Banks goes for the double knees in the corner but Logan gets on the apron. Bayley charges her, distracting the referee. Logan takes advantage and rocks Banks while the referee is distracted by Bayley. This leads to Liv rolling Banks up for the win.

Winners: The Riott Squad

– After the match, The Riott Squad celebrates up the ramp as their music hits. Bayley and Banks recover in the ring. Bayley tries to help Banks up but Banks shoves her. They have more words and a face-off in the middle of the ring as Bayley stops Sasha from leaving. A referee comes in and tries to break up the face-off. Sasha shoves Bayley to the mat and walks out of the ring. Bayley watches from the ropes as Banks walks to the back.

– Kurt Angle is backstage talking with Baron Corbin. Back to commercial.

– Back from a break and Bayley tells Sasha Banks to stop backstage. This leads to Bayley saying she’s not done with Banks, to stop. Banks says she’s done. A brawl breaks out and it looks like Banks gets the upperhand. Banks walks off while Bayley is left to recover on the floor.

– RAW General Manager Kurt Angle is in the ring, commenting on how he can’t keep control of the show. Angle says he spoke with RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon earlier and officials have decided on the next title defense for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Angle says the question is, who will the match be against? The music interrupts and out comes Roman Reigns.

Reigns stares Angle down and says the answer to Angle’s question is standing in front of him. Some fans boo. Reigns says he beat Lesnar at Greatest Royal Rumble and everyone knows it, including Lesnar. Reigns says this makes him the uncrowned WWE Universal Champion. Reigns says it’s no secret Angle is having trouble running RAW and it looks like a regular champion defending each week would help Angle. Angle goes to make his announcement but the music interrupts and out comes Bobby Lashley.

Lashley asks if Reigns is the guy. Lashley says Reigns doesn’t have what it takes to finish the job on Lesnar. Lashley says this may be Reigns’ yard but he’s been trying to get his hands on Lesnar since Reigns was a little pup. Lashley asks why won’t Reigns step aside and let someone who can beat Brock, beat him. Lashley says he can defeat Reigns as well. Angle says they are both deserving of a shot but so are others. Angle announces a multi-person match for Extreme Rules and says he will announce the participants later but Reigns and Lashley are the first participants confirmed. The music interrupts and out comes The Revival, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

The Revival mocks Reigns and Lashley for demanding things, asking what happened to earning opportunities. The Revival goes on and challenges Lashley & Reigns to a match, billing it as two of the best singles stars in the world vs. the best tag team in the world. Dawson bets they can’t co-exist and says that’s when they will capitalize and get the win. Reigns interrupts, mocks them and tells them to shut up. Reigns tells them to step in the ring and get taken to school. Reigns says Lashley might learn something too if he pays attention. Angle calls for a referee as we go to commercial.

The Revival vs. Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley

Back from the break and Reigns starts off with Dawson. Reigns gets the upperhand early on as fans do dueling chants. Dawson ties Reigns up but Reigns turns the hold around. Reigns drops Dawson with a shoulder tackle. Reigns keeps control and tags in Lashley. Dawson quickly goes after Lashley and takes him to the corner. Wilder tags in and goes to work but Lashley overpowers him and launches him high, then into the mat. Lashley looks at Reigns after the big move. Dash ends up hitting a chop block on Lashley from behind as the referee is distracted. The Revival double teams Lashley now for a close 2 count off the flying elbow.

Dawson drops elbows on Lashley and covers for another pin attempt. Dawson keeps Lashley grounded now. Lashley counters a move and launches Dawson with a big throw. Reigns tags in and unloads on The Revival as Dash tags in. Dawson gets rocked with an uppercut. Reigns with big clotheslines to both opponents in the corner as fans count along. Reigns with a big boot to Dash. Reigns with a running knee to Dawson on the apron. Reigns with a big leg drop to Dawson over the back of the neck.

Reigns calls for the Superman Punch and hits Dawson with it. Dash rolls Reigns up from behind for a close 2 count. Reigns with the Superman Punch on Dash. Reigns calls for the Spear but Lashley tags himself in. Lashley hits a huge Spear on Dash instead and covers for the win.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley

– After the match, Lashley’s music hits and he stares at Reigns. Lashley poses as Reigns stares back. Lashley makes his exit first and looks back as Reigns nods from the ring.

– Angle and Corbin are backstage walking. Finn Balor appears and tells Angle he will do whatever it takes to get into the Extreme Rules match so he can get the WWE Universal Title back. Corbin laughs at Balor and mocks him. They have words and Kevin Owens appears, trying to calm them. Balor knocks them both and says Owens can’t even see when danger is behind him. Braun Strowman has appeared. Owens scrambles to the other side of Corbin. Braun says he’s here to watch after his buddy Balor but he’s down if they want a tag team match. Angle ends up walking off, calling the show a runaway train. Everyone stares at each other until Owens retreats in fear, calling for Angle to wait.

– Cole leads us to a video on the WWE 2K19 announcement from today, featuring WWE Champion AJ Styles as the cover Superstar. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Angle has made tonight’s main event – Balor and Strowman vs. Corbin and Owens.

– We see what happened earlier tonight with Rousey, Bliss and Jax.

Mojo Rawley vs. No Way Jose

We go to the ring and out comes No Way Jose with his conga line. Mojo Rawley waits in the ring.

Back and forth to start but Mojo drops Jose with a shoulder first. Jose ends up taking advantage on the floor and bringing it back in but Mojo goes to work on him. Mojo talks some trash while keeping Jose down in the middle of the ring. Jose fights out and hits a clothesline, then a big boot. Jose slams Mojo for a 2 count. Mojo finally turns it around with a chop block to the knee. Mojo hits the Lights Out punch in the corner and drives Jose to the mat for the pin.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

– After the match, Mojo stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Charly Caruso enters the ring and asks Mojo if he hope this leads to more success. Mojo says WWE is more competitive than ever before and to have real success now, you have to bring more to the table. Mojo says he used to be known to stay hyped but now he’s all about staying focused. Mojo leaves the ring as his music hits.

– We see Bayley trying to stop Sasha Banks from leaving the arena, saying she’s not done with her. Banks is done with her. Bayley tries to open the car door but Banks drives off. Bayley throws something at the car and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and JoJo introduces Elias, who is in the ring with a guitar. Elias sings a song about his match with Seth Rollins at Money In the Bank and pokes at Rollins for losing the WWE Intercontinental Title to Dolph Ziggler tonight. Elias also sings about wanting to be in the Extreme Rules multi-person match. He goes on singing about how good he is, also taking a shot at the people of Grand Rapids.

– Renee Young is backstage with Seth Rollins. We see how Rollins lost the title to Dolph Ziggler earlier tonight. Renee asks if the match on Sunday had anything to do with the loss tonight. Rollins doesn’t want to make any excuses, he says Ziggler beat him for the title and he lost. Renee asks about Drew McIntyre’s interference. Rollins says Drew is a problem that he has one week to solve because he’s invoking his rematch clause next Monday. Rollins says he’s taking back his title. He walks off.

Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Finn Balor. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kevin Owens makes his way out. Braun Strowman stands with Balor in the ring. “Constable” Baron Corbin is out next. Corbin starts off with Balor and works him over in the corner. Corbin is wrestling in his Constable attire. Corbin whips Balor into the corner and he lands hard. Owens tags in for a quick double team on Balor in the corner.

Owens drops Balor with a back elbow. Owens sells the injuries and tags Corbin back in to keep up the assault on Balor. Corbin stomps away in the corner now. Braun finally gets the tag. Corbin stares him down and takes off his vest. They lock up and Braun shoves Corbin back, then yells at him. Braun blocks a shot and decks Corbin. Owens provides a distraction from the floor, allowing Corbin to turn it around and beat Braun down. Braun boots Corbin and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Owens also gets decked. Balor tags in and asks Braun to scoop him. Braun scoops Balor and tosses him out of the ring, to the floor on their opponents. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Corbin has Balor down on the mat. Balor fights up and out now. Balor with a dropkick. Owens tags in and stops Balor from diving out to Corbin. Corbin sends Balor into the barrier and rolls him back into the ring. Owens with a senton for a 2 count. Owens with more offense before keeping Balor grounded in the middle of the ring.

Braun screams at Balor as he tries to make the tag. Owens stops him with a backbreaker for another close 2 count. Corbin tags back in and keeps control of Balor. Corbin takes Balor to the floor and rams him back into the barrier. Corbin tosses Balor into the barrier again as the referee counts. Balor makes it back in at the 9 count. He goes to launch himself in but Corbin knocks him out of mid-air with a big right hand. Balor still kicks out at 2. Fans try to rally now as Corbin keeps Balor down. Balor finally makes a comeback but Corbin nails Deep Six for a 2 count. Corbin shows some frustration as we get a replay.

Owens tags in but misses the senton as Balor rolls out of the way. Braun reaches for the tag as fans pop. Corbin stop the tag but Balor fights back. Corbin clotheslines him in the corner and beats him down. Owens tags back in and unloads on Balor in the corner. Another tag to Corbin as Braun looks on. Braun runs in the ring and pounds on Corbin. Braun drags Balor to their corner and tags in. Braun unloads on Corbin as fans pop. Braun splashes Corbin in the corner and clubs him to the mat. Braun with a 2 count as Owens breaks it up. Braun stares at Owens. Owens leaves the ring and runs around. Braun chases him. Corbin waits for Braun on the outside and floors him. Corbin rolls Braun back into the ring for a close 2 count. Braun drops Corbin off the ropes. Strowman charges but hits the ring post as Corbin moves.

Balor tags in and kicks Corbin in the head. Balor with more shots to Corbin. Balor drops Owens on the apron. Balor drops Corbin and stomps on his chest for a 2 count as Owens breaks it up. Braun drops Owens and sends him out of the ring. Braun leaves the ring and runs around, blasting Owens through the barrier into the timekeeper’s area. Braun is also down. Balor counters Corbin’s chokeslam attempt and drops him with a DDT. Balor with more offense as fans cheer. Balor goes to the top but Corbin crotches him. Corbin hits End of Days and covers Balor for the win.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens

– After the match, Corbin retreats to the floor to recover as his music hits. Braun stands tall in the ring and looks out at Corbin. The announcers hype next week’s RAW from San Diego with Rollins vs. Ziggler. We see Owens recovering in the timekeeper’s area as Corbin raises his fist on the stage, laughing. Braun checks on Balor and RAW goes off the air.

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