WWE RAW Official Five-Point Preview – 10th August 2015


For months now, Stardust has been anxious — obsessed, even — with goading “Arrow” star Stephen Amell into a confrontation. All of that social media back-and-forth between The Prince of Dark Matter and the popular actor has led both rivals to a potential clash on Raw. With Neville refusing to succumb to Stardust’s mind games, has the inter-dimensional oddity found a new “hero” in Amell?

WWE.com has sent out the Following Five-Point Preview for Upcoming RAW on 10th August 2015.

1. Is Stephen Amell prepared to ‘embrace the strange’?

Amell vs stardust

Following Stardust’s Facebook jab at “Arrow” star Stephen Amell during last week’s Raw — the latest in a series of bizarre social media taunts from the face-painted fiend — the Canadian actor had finally had enough, announcing his intention to come to Monday night’s hottest show and settle his differences with The Prince of Dark Matter.

TV’s Green Arrow is certainly capable of defending himself against the physical threat posed by the villainous Stardust (have you seen the guy on a salmon ladder?), but it’s the psychological damage the spaced-out Superstar can inflict that could prove troublesome. Might Amell find some backup in another like-minded hero on WWE’s roster? Perhaps one that gravity can’t seem to remember?

2. Will John Cena accept Seth Rollins’ challenge?

seth rollins raw

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins sure talks a big game — especially when he knows his opponent isn’t in the building. Last week on Raw, The Architect boasted about shattering U.S. Champion John Cena’s nose in the previous week’s main event, and tested the tenacity of the Cenation leader by proposing a title-for-title bout at SummerSlam. Should the injured Cena refuse to accept Rollins’ challenge, he will be forced to relinquish his prestigious, star-spangled prize.

As of this writing, Cena has not accepted Rollins’ terms, but in a WWE.com poll, 85 percent of WWE Universe members believe The Champ should agree to a winner-take-all confrontation with “The Future of WWE” at SummerSlam. Will we hear from Cena this week?
3. Is Ryback’s Intercontinental Title reign in jeopardy?

big show sd

Thursday night on SmackDown, we learned that Ryback will defend his Intercontinental Championship against The Miz and Big Show at SummerSlam. Though originally scheduled to take place at WWE Battleground, this Triple Threat Match was postponed when The Big Guy was diagnosed with a staph infection in his right knee.

Ryback is one of WWE’s most indomitable Superstars, and his positive outlook and incredible physical strength have helped him overcome countless obstacles in his career. But is Ryback taking a huge risk at SummerSlam by facing both The Miz and The World’s Largest Athlete? How will Big Show and the so-called “A-lister” try to take the Intercontinental Champion off his game before their three-Superstar melee in Brooklyn?

4. How will Summer Rae retaliate against Lana?

lana bckstage

During SmackDown’s main event, Lana came to ringside to tackle and slap Summer Rae — a satisfying bit of payback against the conniving lookalike after Rusev dragged The Ravishing Russian’s name through the mud earlier in the night. Summer has likely been stewing over this attack, and no doubt has something sinister planned for her nemesis on Raw. Should Lana beware?

5. Will ‘families’ clash before SummerSlam?

roman reigns raw

‘I welcome this war.’

Those were Bray Wyatt’s parting words to Roman Reigns at the conclusion of SmackDown, where The Eater of Worlds agreed to a tag team battle pitting former Shield “brothers” Reigns & Dean Ambrose against Wyatt & Luke Harper at SummerSlam.

The history between The Shield and The Wyatt family runs deep, and the duel that awaits at SummerSlam could be their most savage yet. But will the warring “families” be able to wait until Aug. 23 to do battle?

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Source: WWE.com

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