WWE ‘Pitch Black’ match has definite Mountain Dew, possible Wyatt ties


WWE ‘Pitch Black’ match has definite Mountain Dew, possible Wyatt ties
Photo by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to the rumor mill, next month’s Royal Rumble PLE could have multiple gimmick matches beyond the two battle royals that give the show its name.

There’s talk of Edge and Finn Bálor continuing their rivalry in Hell in a Cell, and something called a “Pitch Black match” that’s believed to involve Bray Wyatt (and presumably LA Knight).

We’ve yet to see signs of the Rated R Superstar’s return, but the perceptive folks behind the Wrestle Ops Twitter account noticed that WWE’s been running a quick ad for the “Pitch Black” match on YouTube…

No mention of what the stipulation entails, let alone who will be competing in the new match. But the font used in the video is somewhat reminiscent of the one WWE uses on television for Wyatt-related things. That, and the earlier rumor the “Pitch Black match” is for Bray, seem to be driving WrestleOps’ presumption.

What the video they’re sharing does tell us is that the “Pitch Black match” is the latest example of WWE finding new ways to integrate their advertising partners into their on-screen product. Whatever the match at Royal Rumble ends up being, it will be sponsored by Mountain Dew as part of the Pepsi-owned brand’s 2023 relaunch of its “Pitch Black” soda flavor.

So the good news is the match may not take place in total darkness. Or maybe that’s bad news, depending on your feelings about Wyatt’s return to the ring? Either way, don’t be surprised if this somehow involves Knight bringing Super-Soakers filled with “dark citrus punch” to the ring, or if Uncle Howdy emerges from a vat of liquid with “a twist of citrus and dark fruit flavor”.

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