WWE NXT ‘TakeOver: Brooklyn III’: SAnitY vs. The Authors of Pain – Tag Team Match


NXT Tag Team Title Match: SAnitY vs. The Authors of Pain

We go to the ring and out comes SAnitY – Eric Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe and Nikki Cross. NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain are out next with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. Akam and Rezar are wearing new gear tonight.

Akam and Rezar hit the ring but Dain and Wolfe immediately attack them. The champs send Wolfe to the floor and double team Dain before sending him out. They stand tall for a second before they’re brought out to the floor as the brawl continues. Young pulls a table from under the ring. The referee tries to calm things so he can ring the bell.

Akam brings Wolfe into the ring and the bell rings. Akam overpowers Wolfe and tags in Rezar for a double team. The Authors make quick tags and keep up the attack on Wolfe in their corner. Wolfe finally side-steps Akam and goes to tag Dain but Young jumps on the apron instead. Young takes Dain’s place in the match and it’s legal. Young works over Akam on the floor but Akam clotheslines him over the barrier. Wolfe comes from behind and stops Akam. Akam beats Wolfe down now. Young pulls Rezar into the crowd and they brawl while Akam is in the ring with Wolfe.

They all make it back into the ring and The Authors double team Young. Rezar covers for a 2 count. Young fights off both opponents but they double team him int he corner for a 2 count. Akam works over Young on the mat now. Rezar tags back in as Ellering cheers them on. Rezar keeps Young grounded in the middle of the ring now. Wolfe reaches for a tag but Rezar stops him and applies another submission.

Young lands on the apron and looks to make a comeback on Rezar but Rezar overpowers and lifts him high by his neck while the referee counts. Rezar drives Young into the mat. Rezar goes for an elbow drop but Young moves out of the way. Wolfe finally gets a tag and goes at it with both opponents. Wolfe launches Akam with a suplex. He tries for a German on Rezar but Rezar fights. Wolfe gets the German for a pop. Wolfe comes off the top with a clothesline to Rezar. Wolfe covers for the pin but Akam makes the save.

The Authors double team Wolfe but he keeps swinging. The Authors with a neckbreaker – powerbomb double team for another close 2 count. Wolfe ends up hitting a nice Frankensteiner. Akam gets sent to the floor. Young gets the tag and comes in to take Rezar down with a neckbreaker. Young gets riled up and fans pop. Young goes to the top but Rezar crotches him. Rezar climbs up for a superplex. Akam comes over for a double team but Nikki holds EY, which causes Akam to powerbomb Rear instead. This leads to EY getting a close 2 count thanks to ring location. The Authors end up on the floor for a breather. Young nails a big dive to take them both down. Wolfe leaps out next for another pop. Nikki gets into the ring and goes wild as fans cheer her. She looks to go for a dive but Ellering comes in and fans boo as the referee gets in between them. Ellering is being sent out of the ring while Nikki goes to the top. Akam catches her in mid-air and holds her. Dain charges and sends Nikki and Akam through the table that EY brought out earlier. The crowd goes wild.

A “this is awesome” chant starts next. Wolfe tags in and they double team Rezar out of the corner. Wolfe covers for the pin and the titles.

Winners and New NXT Tag Team Champions: SAnitY

– After the match, the crowd cheers as SAnitY takes the gold. Young and Wolfe raise the titles as we go to replays. We come back to Young and Wolfe celebrating. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reillysuddenly appear and take out both teams to a huge pop. Fish and O’Reilly, who recently made their NXT TV debuts, destroy all 5 men and leave them laying.

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