WWE NXT Results 1/24/2023


– Tonight’s WWE NXT episode opens up on the USA Network with a look at how Grayson Waller filmed himself confronting NXT Champion Bron Breakker at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on Monday. We’re now live from the WWE Performance Center as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. We go right tot he ring as fans chant “NXT!” now.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Indi Hartwell

The music hits and out comes Indi Hartwell. She interrupts Booker and Vic at ringside, and says Tiffany Stratton is going to pay and get an ass whooping tonight. Indi heads to the ring. Out next comes Stratton as Alicia Taylor does the ring introductions.

Indi attacks Stratton during her entrance and woks her over. She brings it in and we get the bell as Indi unloads in the corner with shoulder thrusts as the referee warns hr. Indi tosses Stratton around the ring and clotheslines her for a 2 count. Tiffany pleads with Indi as fans boo her.

Indi slams Tiffany and stomps her hand. Stratton turns it around in the corner but Indi rolls her up for 2. Stratton decks Indi and looks to capitalize but Indi side-steps and sends her to the floor. Tiffany fights back in and drops Indi over the middle rope, then launches herself in from the apron with knees. Indi kicks out at 2. Stratton with some trash talking as she keeps control. Fans rally for Indi but Stratton keeps her on the ropes. Stratton goes on and grounds Indi.

Indi fights back to a “Indi Wrestling!” chant. Stratton flips across the ring and splashes Indi in the corner. Stratton with stomps for another 2 count. Stratton keeps Indi grounded once again. Indi tries to fight up and out but Stratton grounds her once again, taunting her with trash talking. Indi mounts offense for a comeback now. More back and forth as Stratton fights. Indi with a running boot to the head, then a big boot to level Stratton.

Stratton acts like she’s hurt her knee now as fans boo. Stratton ends up suckering Indi in an nailing a big boot. Stratton plants Indi into the mat with the rolling TKO, then goes up top to hit a moonsault for the pin to win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

– After the match, Stratton stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Stratton poses to cheers and boos from the crowd.

– We see how Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria defeated Toxic Attraction in last week’s main event. McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Jacy Jayne now. McKenzie refers to Gigi Dolin as Jayne’s partner, but Jayne dismisses this and says you might say they had miscommunication last week, but to Jayne it was an awakening. She finally realized she’s been carrying Dolin since day one, and now she’s done. Jayne says she’s the reason Toxic Attraction held gold for all that time. She goes on and says Dolin held her down for far too long, and she refuses to let Dolin stop her from winning the NXT Women’s Title at Vengeance Day. McKenzie asks what we can expect in tonight’s Summit. She says something we’ve never seen before. Jayne laughs and walks away.

– We see Thea Hail backstage warming up for her award ceremony. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see footage from The Diamond Mine Dojo earlier this week. Ivy Nile introduces Drew Gulak, Hank Walker and a few of their students, Myles Borne and Tavion Heights, to The Creed Brothers. Ivy figured The Creeds could train with Gulak and his crew to help prepare for Indus Sher. Gulak is excited about the opportunity and says iron sharpens iron. They begin working out on the mat. Gulak gets a bit frustrated and yells at a student. Gulak steps up now and he wants a piece of Julius Creed on the mat. Things get heated and Gulak shoves Julius, accusing him of a cheap shot. Gulak is backed away by Walker and his students but he yells at The Creeds, saying this is not done by a long shot.

– We go back to the ring for Chase University’s Awards Ceremony for Thea Hail. Andre Chase, dressed like he’s giving a college commencement speech, welcomes the Chase U student section, and everyone at home, everyone watching elsewhere. Hail and Duke Hudson are with him. He says we’re here to recognize someone who has worked hard. He says she has excelled in the classroom but unfortunately she didn’t have the same success in the ring, but that all changed last week. Fans pop. Chase gets a bit hyped up but they calm him down and he apologizes, saying he’s just proud. Chase then presents Hail with a certificate for her first victory, for the win over Valentina Feroz last week. A “Thea!” chant breaks out. Hail thanks everyone and a “you deserve it!” chant starts up.

The music interrupts and out comes JD McDonagh. He asks if this is how bad the standards have slipped in NXT. All of this for one win? We’re doing participation wards in NXT now? And you’re cheering for it? Fans boo JD. JD says he’s a nice guy so he’s going to give Hail some advice – when you hang around losers, every win means a lot. JD insults everyone from the apron and Hail is furious now. Chase says he will not let JD drag the good name of Chase U through the mud because Chase U means the world to Chase, Hail, and everyone else. JD points to how Chase didn’t say the same for Duke. JD enters and warns them. He tells Duke to control his dog, referring to how he’s holding Hail back. JD approaches Chase and tells him to get out of his ring, because JD is dressed for a fight and Chase is dressed like a moron. Chase says one of the first lessons he teaches his students is to always be prepared. He stays ready so he doesn’t have to get ready, and he’s about to give JD a Chase U-sized ass whooping. Fans pop. Chase removes his robe and drops JD with a big right hand. Chase then knocks JD out of the ring as the crowd pops. JD looks on from ringside as Chase U taunts him from the ring. Back to commercial.

JD McDonagh vs. Andre Chase

Back from the break and JD McDonagh has Andre Chase down after the match was made during the break. We see how they brawled around the ringside area during the commercial.

JD grounds Chase with knee strikes now. They trade offense and Chase nails a back suplex as Thea Hail and Duke Hudson rally from ringside. Chase unloads with strikes but JD blocks a shot. Chase rocks him and hits the inverted Atomic Drop, then the side-Russian leg sweep for a pop. Chase stomps on JD as fans spell C-H-A-S-E-U with him.

Chase with another big slam in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. JD turns it around and drops Chase on his shoulder. JD with a big clothesline. Chase counters with a roll-up for 2. Chase with strikes in the middle of the ring now. JD kicks him. Chase blocks the Devil Inside with a knee, but JD comes right back to drop him with a headbutt. JD looks to capitalize but Chase levels him out of nowhere with a Code Red. JD kicks out at 2 and Hail can’t believe it.

Chase goes to the top but JD crotches him with the top rope. Duke suddenly walks out and Hail asks where he’s going. JD nails Devil Inside for the third time and this time he gets the pin to win.

Winner: JD McDonagh

– After the match, JD stands tall as the music hits. Chase and Hail are wondering why Hudson walked out.

– We see Kiana James and her assistant backstage with Fallon Henley, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs. James sends her assistant to handle some business. James tells Henley and her crew that she’s all theirs now, ready to go. James suggests she starts out in their match but she sees this may cause some tension, so she says on second thought let’s just go out there and see what happens. Henley says that sounds good, let’s go. They all head out as we go back to commercial.

Fallon Henley and Kiana James vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley

Back from the break and we go to the ring. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley are already waiting while Fallon Henley and Kiana James enter the ring with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

The bell rings and Henley tags in before we get going. They almost bump into each other as there’s a bit of awkward interaction at first. Nile and Henley go at it now. Nile with a quick takedown and a 1 count.

Paxley tags in and they double team Henley, yanking both of her arms at once. Henley sends Paxley to the apron but Paxley fights in and nails a flying dropkick from the apron. Henley kicks out at 2. Henley with a headlock to Paxley now. James tags in and they double team Paxley. James and Henley appear to be on the same page now as they keep control.

James unloads on Paxley in the corner, hitting a big shoulder thrust. James with an abdominal stretch to Paxley now as fans rally. Paxley gets free and kicks James away. Nile tags in and unloads on Henley as she also comes in. Nile with shoulder tackles. Nile with a running dropkick to Henley in the corner.

Henley catches Nile running again. Nile blocks a move and goes for her Dragon Sleeper, called the Diamond Chain Lock, but James saves Henley from the apron while the referee is distracted. Jams ends up assisting again from the floor, allowing Henley to drop a distracted Nile with the Shining Wizard for the pin to win.

Winners: Kiana James an Fallon Henley

– After the match, Briggs and Jensen enter the ring to celebrate with James and Henley. We go to replays. There’s some tension between Henley and James.

– NXT Tag Team Champions The New Day are backstage with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Blade and Enofe thank The New Day for allowing them to learn so much since they’ve been in NXT, and not just how to dance. The Schism interrupts – Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, Jagger Reid, Ava Raine. It sounds like The Dyad want a title shot. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods announce the New Day Tag Team Invitational for next week with the winners joining them at Vengeance Day with Gallus and Pretty Deadly to make it a Fatal 4 Way.

– We see Bron Breakker walking into the building and he’s not in a good mood.

– Still to come, Apollo Crews visits the barbershop. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Apollo Crews is at the same barbershop frequented by Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Crews talks to the barber about how he and Hayes are not done with each other. Hayes and Trick enter, and they are not happy to see Crews. Hayes asks why is Crews in here and in his chair. Everyone is worried a fight might break out. Crews says he sees it on Hayes’ face, that Hayes is worried he’s never getting rid of Crews and that no matter what he does, Crews will always be on his radar. Crews says he understands Hayes’ aspirations, passion and desire because he’s the exact same, they are two men, one spot.

Hayes says it must be tough for Crews to look at him because he’s a younger, better, more athletic version of Crews from five years ago. Hayes says Crews got the call-up early but now he’s back, and he was so close to getting what he wants, but now the biggest and brightest is in Crews’ way, and Hayes is him. Hayes tells Crews to have one of those visions and tell him that the NXT Title doesn’t look great around his waist. Crews says no he’s right, it does look good, but it looks better around Crews’ waist. People in the barbershop laugh. Trick doesn’t like this. They go back and forth about how they’ve already defeated each other. Crews proposes a 2 of 3 Falls match at Vengeance Day to settle it. Hayes accepts and says he’s the present but reminds Crews of his past. Crews says the funny thing about the past is it can always predict the future.

The Creed Brothers vs. Hank Walker and Drew Gulak

We go back to the ring and Drew Gulak is out with Hank Walker already. The Creed Brothers are out next – Julius Creed and Brutus Creed.

Julius and Gulak start things out, going at it. Julius slams Gulak and grounds him. Gulak ends up sweeping Julius to the mat. They tangle on the mat now with Gulak talking some trash. Gulak takes it to the corner and in comes Walker to a pop. Walker goes to work on Julius, grounding him with an arm drag. Gulak shouts orders at Walker.

Brutus tags in and hits the fireman’s carry slam to Walker with ease. Brutus whips Walker into a fireman’s carry slam by Julius now. The double teaming with slams continues. Walker drops Julius with a shoulder. Gulak tags in and knocks Brutus off the apron as Walker spins Julius around on his shoulders. Walker sets Julius down from his shoulders and he’s dizzy, allowing Gulak to level him with a running clothesline to send him to the floor with his brother. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and Gulak is beating Brutus around. Gulak with trash talking and open-hand strikes to the face. Brutus with a big German suplex to send Gulak across the ring. Brutus mounts Gulak with big smash strikes. Gulak dropkicks Brutus, then nails a DDT but they’re both down as fans rally. Walker and Julius wait for the tags. They both tag in and Julius unloads into the corner.

Walker catches a kick but Julius nails a spinning heel kick. Julius unloads on Walker with offense now, nailing a big overhead toss and another slam. Julius with the standing Shooting Star Press, then Brutus runs in and does the standing moonsault. Brutus covers for 2. Walker kicks Brutus away and in comes Gulak. Gulak kicks Brutus from the apron but it does nothing. Gulak goes to the top but Brutus brings him down with a big double underhook suplex, walking him across the ring. Brutus holds Gulak in the air as Julius tags in and jumps at Gulak, smashing him into the mat out of Brutus’ grasp.

Walker runs back in and nails a slam, and now all four Superstars are down. Gulak and Julius trade strikes from their knees, and now they’re back to their feet. Walker tags back in and scoops Julius to his shoulders. Gulak look to double team but Brutus knocks him out of mid-air with a pounce, sending him to the floor. Walker ends up slamming Julius face-first into the mat, then nailing a big Wheelbarrow slam. Walker with an armbar on Julius, but Julius turns it into a 2 count. Walker tightens the hold as Julius yells out. Julius with anther 2 count as Walker breaks the hold. Brutus tags in but Walker applies a Sleeper. Brutus breaks out and they end up colliding in the middle of the ring.

Fans chant “NXT!” as they both go down. Charlie Dempsey is at ringside now. Gulak yells at him and they face off. Walker is distracted, but he manages to drop Julius with a big boot. Julius blocks a kick and launches Walker with a big overhead toss. Brutus tags in and flies off the top with the Brutus Bomb to take Walker back down. Julius stops Gulak from coming back in as Brutus covers Walker for the pin to win while Dempsey watches from ringside.

Winners: The Creed Brothers

– After the match, The Creed Brothers stand with Ivy Nile in the ring as Gulak and Walker head out, with Gulak frustrated. Julius says he can’t speak for Brutus but he can be a pain in the ass sometimes, he’s stubborn, hard headed, and will always take everything personal, and will always have a chip on his shoulder. Ivy smiles. Julius says she, his family and friends all know this is true but they also know he has to be that way to be the best version of himself. He says these have been tough months but she rode with them and stayed by their sides. They thank her. Brutus says Ivy could’ve walked away especially when they were jerks, but she stuck with them. They thank her again and say she actually inspired them to be the old Creeds, the ones who won the NXT Tag Team Titles. Fans pop and chant “Creed!” now. They go on but the music interrupts and out comes Jinder Mahal, Sanga and Veer Mahaan to ringside. Jinder congratulates The Creeds for once again becoming The Creeds. Jinder says his brothers are sick of earning respect, and now they are taking it. He says next week they will find out who The Creeds really are. He says his brothers are 100%, The Creeds are 100%, so next week it will be Indus Sher vs. The Creeds. Jinder tells them to accept the challenge. Ivy looks at Brutus and Julius. Jinder tells them again to accept the challenge. Ivy tells Jinder he’s on. The two teams yell at each other from the ring and ringside area to end the segment.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Gigi Dolin now, asking about what Jacy Jayne said earlier. Dolin was a little surprised but not shocked because Jayne is always the first with something to say. She says Jayne is a bad person, plain and simple. She says she’s nothing like Jayne, despite being a little dark. Dolin points to the rose in her hand, and its thorns. She says thorns can be very dangerous if you’re distracted by the petals but they’re not hiding. Dolin says her tag partner can say what she wants about her but she has nothing to hide. Dolin can’t wait to look Jayne in her eyes tonight and give her a piece of her mind. Dolin walks off.

Wendy Choo vs. Elektra Lopez

We go back to the ring and out comes Wendy Choo. She takes a nap on the apron as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo and Tony D’Angelo walking into a restaurant. The finest room is waiting in the back for the new Underboss, Stacks. Tony is impressed. He says The Family couldn’t be happier about the news of Stacks’ promotion, and sending macaroons with cannolis was a nice touch. Tony says the streets are talking about the new Underboss and they both know the first step is the most important. Stacks wants to make a big impact, and he wants to take on the biggest guy he can find. Tony asks him if he’s sure. Stacks knows he can do it. Their tab is taken care of because of how Stacks took care of the restaurant owner at the race track. Tony and Stacks salute each other with a toast. We go back to the ring and out comes Elektra Lopez. We see footage from earlier today with Lopez talking to Valentina Feroz backstage, telling her she wants her out there to watch and see what she does to Choo so she can learn.

Lopez and Choo go at it to start. Lopez over-powers Choo and talks some trash. Lopez launches Choo across the ring. Feroz comes walking to the ringside area now. Lopez tosses Choo’s body pillow at Booker, it appears, then rocks Choo at ringside. Lopez brings Choo back in the ring for a 2 count. Choo mounts some offense now as Feroz looks on.

Choo charges but Lopez catches her in a swinging Uranage and she lands hard. Lopez chokes Choo on the middle rope. Lopez with a big boot and an elbow drop for 2. Lopez with a body-scissors now in the middle of the ring. Fans try to rally for Choo. Choo ends up mounting offense and unloading on Lopez.

Choo flies off the middle rope but Lopez kicks out just in time. Choo is frustrated but fired up. Lopez pulls the brass knuckles out of her rights, then levels Choo with a big right hand for the pin to win.

Winner: Elektra Lopez

– After the match, Lopez stands tall as the music hits. Feroz is not impressed by how Lopez won.

– Fallon Henley is backstage with Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, who congratulate her on the win with Kiana James. Jensen reveals how he went to officials and got James and Henley a title shot against Katana Chance and Kayden Carter at Vengeance Day. Henley is not happy. She says this was supposed to be a one-time thing, and Jensen didn’t even ask her. She’s feeling blind-sided, and has to think about this. Henley walks off.

– We see Grayson Waller entering the building. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Elektra Lopez is walking backstage with Valentina Feroz. Lopez says it doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you win. Feroz doesn’t know if she can do this to Wendy Choo because they are friends. Lopez cuts her off and says dirty gets the job done, and no one’s going to do it for you. Lopez says Feroz can keep her friends, Lopez will just keep winning. Lopez walks off and Feroz is a bit frustrated.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage now. She says Stevie Turner no-showed their interview. Turner appears on the screen, and she’s doing her live-stream stuff. She insults McKenzie a bit and says she did McKenzie’s job by asking fans to send in questions via Superchats. Turner reveals she will make her NXT in-ring debut next week. She mentions wanting to face NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez but doesn’t think she will have the title after Vengeance Day. Turner says this was a much better way of doing the interview, and next week NXT gets brought into the future by yours truly.

– We go back to the ring and Grayson Waller makes his way out.

Waller calls for the music to be cut because he has no time for games tonight. He insults people in the arena and NXT Champion Bron Breakker, and gos on about how he confronted Breakker at the WWE Performance Center this week. Waller shows us he has no steel plate under his jacket tonight. We see Bron watching backstage now. He heads to the ring while people try to stop him. Waller continues to rant and says he can smell the dog coming. We see Breakker pushing away security backstage. Breakker’s music starts up and out he comes. The entire men’s locker room is with him. Breakker hits the ring for a fight as the men’s locker room holds them both back.

Breakker breaks free and attacks Waller at ringside after Waller also breaks free from the Superstars holding him back. Breakker breaks free again and charges but Waller side-steps and Breakker apparently trips a bit, crashing right through the barrier. Fans chant “holy shit!” now. Breakker has put a hole in the barrier, and he’s down, stuck in the hole. Waller looks over at Breakker and smiles. Officials come check on Breakker while Waller takes the NXT Title belt and raises it at the entrance-way. Waller says he’s gone viral and Breakker is his bitch.

– Still to come, Alba Fyre goes for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Gallus is playing pool and having drinks. They are keeping their eye on the prize, and they will show everyone Gallus Boys Are On Top when they win the NXT Tag Team Titles at Vengeance Day.

– We see what just happened with Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller. The announcers hype Vengeance Day and next week’s show.

Handicap Match for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles: Alba Fyre vs. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter

We go back to the ring and out comes Alba Fyre by herself. NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter are out next for this Handicap Match. We get formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor now.

The referee asks Fyre if she wants to do this alone, and she does. The bell rings but before they can go at it, the music hits and out comes Sol Ruca. Sol yells at Fyre and says she has her back. Fyre and Carter lock up and go at it now. Carter shows her up. They go to lock up again and Fyre kicks her down. Carter blocks an early Gory Bomb attempt but Fyre clotheslines her.

Carter kicks Fyre away and rocks her. Chance tags in for the double team offense now. Fyre kicks out at 2. Carter tags back in and rolls Fyre up for 2. Fyre turns it around and mounts Carter with strikes. Fyre stares at Ruca but isn’t interested in tagging her in. Ruca tags herself in, then goes to work on Carter. Ruca and Carter show each other up, until Ruca hits a neckbreaker to send Carter to the floor. Fyre attacks Chance at ringside, kicking her and sending her face-first into the steel ring steps. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Ruca is going at it with Chance. Ruca presses Chance in the air but she slides out. Chance dropkicks Ruca. Fyre tags in but Carter runs wild on both challengers. Carter with a double splash in the corner, then a dropkick off Fyre’s back into Ruca, putting her down in the corner again. Carter with another running shot to Fyre.

Chance tags in and stomps Fyre from up top. Fyre kicks out at 2. Chance and Fyre trade offense now. Chance sits on Carter’s shoulders, and Carter slams her on top of Fyre. Fyre kicks out at 2 and the champs can’t believe it. Fyre fights off Chance and knocks her to the floor, then slams Carter with a Gourdbuster.

Fyre tags Ruca and she springboards in with a top rope splash for 2. Chance sends Fyre to the floor then dropkicks her through the ropes. Chance with a hurricanrana through the ropes to Fyre on the floor. Carter and Ruca go at it. Carter with a superkick. Carter and Chance hit their double team finisher from the corner, and Chance covers Ruca for the pin to win and retain.

Winners: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter

– After the match, Chance and Carter raise their titles in the ring as the music hits. We go to replays. Fyre heads to the back and walks past Ruca at ringside, and the feeling between them is cold. Fyre keeps walking and now we see Isla Dawn appear at the entrance-way. Fyre walks past Dawn, and Dawn turns to laugh at Ruca. Dawn walks backstage with Fyre. We go back to Chance and Carter raising their titles in the ring. Fallon Henley and Kiana James appear on the platform above the crowd now. Fallon thought about it and now they will see the champs at Vengeance Day.

– Dijak is somewhere dark when NXT North American Champion Wes Lee approaches. Dijak is surprised to see Lee and didn’t think he had the balls to show up. Lee has heard that before but he also knows you need a set of balls to carry this title. Dijak says don’t get cute because this is your last chance to hand me that title. Lee says he’s holding onto the title, and while it may be a stupid decision, he’s been making stupid decisions his whole life and they made him the man he is today. Lee knows Dijak didn’t come back to NXT to talk, and plans to inflict a lot of pain at Vengeance Day. Lee says when people chant his name, he feels like he can overcome anything and anyone. Lee says he’s keeping the title and Dijak doesn’t have to like it, but he will damn sure respect it. Lee tells Dijak to protect his neck, he will see him in Charlotte. Lee walks off. Dijak says unfortunately for Mr. Lee, he doesn’t deal in sob stories, he deals in justice.

– McKenzie approaches Cora Jade in her locker room now. McKenzie says Jade wasn’t on set, so she came back here. Jade says she’s the Superstar, not McKenzie. Mitchell says Jade’s issue with Lyra Valkyria is only getting bigger. Jade says Valkyria is going to be a very integral part of the NXT women’s division but she needs to learn her place. Jade will very happily teach Valkyria this valuable lesson. She says no matter how great the bird brain is, she will not be better than Jade. Jade opens her locker door and there’s a black feather in there. Jade starts ranting but Vic tells McKenzie they have to go to the parking lot.

– The camera cuts to the parking lot as we see various people leaving, including Zoey Stark. Nikkita Lyons is down and she’s clutching her knee. Indi Hartwell and Dani Palmer call for help. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Duke Hudson is backstage with Andre Chase and Thea Hail. Chase is upset and wants to know where Duke went earlier when he walked out. Duke says he went to Shawn Michaels to get them a spot in The New Day’s Tag Team Invitational next week. Andre asks what Shawn said, and Shawn told Duke to talk to The New Day. Duke went to The New Day and they just walked about Chase U’s architecture… but Duke and Chase are also in the Invitational. Chase and Hail are happy.

– The announcers hype next week’s NXT show. Vic says Nikkita Lyons was taken to a local medical facility.

– We go back to the ring for the Vengeance Day Women’s Title Summit. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are already in the ring. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T welcomes us, then introduces NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez.

Booker wants to hear from the challengers first. Dolin passes it to Jayne and says she probably has something witty to say. Jayne rants about carrying Dolin and says last week’s kick was an accident but now she wishes it wasn’t. Jayne admits Dolin is good, but she carried her this whole time. Jayne says Dolin would be some one-hit wonder living on the indies if it weren’t for her. Dolin says Jayne is the most insecure person she’s ever met. Dolin says since we’re shooting from the hip here, she is going to bring something up she didn’t plan to – Jayne pukes in a bucket before each match because she gets so nervous. Jayne calls Dolin a pathological liar. They continue arguing and Booker says shucky-shucky-quack-quack! He asks Perez what she thinks and she asks for some popcorn.

Perez talks about how the have insulted every woman in the back,and made her life hell, so she’s glad they are feeling what they’ve made every other woman in NXT feel. Perez says karma is a toxic bitch. Perez thought it would be a Handicap Match at Vengeance Day, but it now looks like it will be a Triple Threat after all. Perez says the odds are against her but she knows she will walk in with the title and walk out with it.

Dolin says that’s where Perez is wrong. She says Perez will make history at Vengeance Day but as the shortest-reigning champion of all-time. Dolin and Jayne continue with their insults at each other. Dolin says Jayne was a third wheel in Toxic Attraction, and will be a third wheel in this match. Jayne and Dolin face off now and argue. Booker says to wait because he has a few more questions. Dolin and Jayne suddenly turn to Perez, then they start attacking her. They beat Perez down and slam her through the table. Dolin and Jayne pose over Perez, raising the NXT Women’s Title belt in the air, each with a hand on it. The music starts up as NXT goes off the air.

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