Without Roger Federer and Serena Williams, Australian Open TV ratings plummet!


Without Roger Federer and Serena Williams, Australian Open TV ratings plummet! The last few months have been very difficult for the tennis world. The sport has lost legends like the Swiss Maestro and US legend, and there is great concern about what could happen in the future.

In the last twenty years the Big Three have monopolized this sport with successes but now Roger has retired, Nadal is now on his last legs and Nole is the only one left, who continues to win despite the past 35 years.

These Australian Open have shown a discontinuity of the Bigs in both men’s and women’s and the data regarding the ratings of this sport are far from encouraging. In the last few hours, Channel 9 colleagues have formalized the data relating to the ratings of the last Australian Open and the news makes fans tremble.

Australians were missing, such as the now retired champion Ashleigh Barty or the home idol and much followed Nick Kyrgios, but the ratings were about 40% lower than the previous editions and specifically last year’s.

Australian Open TV ratings plummet!

Just think first of all of the women’s final between Aryna Sabalenka and Elena Rybakina, two young tennis players on the launch pad but who have not had great success in the eyes of the public. Last year the Australian Open reached a national audience of 12.5 million viewers on the two main channels and although many did not expect similar numbers this year, things went much worse than expected.

The numbers for the final of the women’s singles or men’s doubles peaked at 1.4 million, a far cry from last year’s results. This figure alarms enthusiasts and even globally things didn’t go much better.

And to think that Channel 9 has recently signed a new contract until 2030 for the tournament and these numbers are nothing short of dramatic. Analyst Steve Allen commented on this situation in this way: “This tournament has seen several illustrious absentees and therefore we already expected a drop. Of course, the figures are much lower than I expected, they are nothing short of dramatic and with a drop of 30-40%, numbers that worry everyone a lot”.

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