William Regal Shares When He Thinks WWE NXT Peaked


William Regal made an appearance on The Sessions with Renée Paquette to discuss a wide range of topics. 

During it, he talked about when he thinks WWE NXT peaked and that was TakeOver: Portland. The show took place in February 2020 and was the final pre-COVID TakeOver event. It featured Johnny Gargano’s heel turn against Tommaso Ciampa.

“I have a theory that everything peaked at Portland. We go into Portland, and we come out, and all the top fellas were coming up to me and going, ‘We’ve done this style to death. We’ve done everything.’ And there were people trying to think how can we change a bit of something because it’s going to be more of the same from now on. There were a few little discussions like that going on, so we were starting to think like that, and then COVID hit. And then it was ‘Never mind that, let’s just survive’.”

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.

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