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Why Ricky Pearsall is the only 49ers draft pick who has yet to sign


NFL: APR 25 2024 Draft
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The 49ers announced they’ve signed Jarrett Kingston to a four-year deal

The San Francisco 49ers announced they signed sixth-round pick Jarrett Kingston to a four-year deal. Kingston will compete with the likes of Spencer Burford, Ben Bartch, Drake Nugent, and Nick Zakelj for one of the final roster spots along the offensive line.

Second-round pick Renardo Green recently signed, and his contract details are out. His four-year contract is worth $6.3 million, including $1.8 million guaranteed.

It’s important to understand that every draft slot has an allotted amount based on where they were picked. For instance, Dominick Puni’s four-year contract is valued at a total of $5.7 million over four years, with his prorated signing bonus set at $965,852.

First-round pick Ricky Pearsall is the only draft pick who remains unsigned, which is hardly an outlier. Several teams have yet to sign their first or even second round picks. It’s May 15. Coming into this week, over 100 draft picks remained unsigned.

I’d assume the top picks who remain unsigned are trying to get as much guaranteed money as they can. The NFL’s pre-determined slotted rookie pay scale leaves little room for negotiation in the player’s overall contract amount, but a good agent will manipulate how much of that is guaranteed and when those guarantees are distributed.

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