why Christophe Galtier is convinced that he must stay


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“Yes, I think I deserve a second season at PSG, because I gave it my all, I knew how to stay the course in very difficult times. A catastrophic season at PSG is when he is not a champion and it has already happened. And we are champions. Yes, I feel that I deserve to continue”. Christophe Galtier’s comments on Saturday evening caused a lot of reaction on social networks.

Many Parisian supporters believe that the former Nice and LOSC, among others, was not at the expected level and did not manage to lead the Parisian boat to port. This seems to be shared by the management of the Ile-de-France club, which has already started working on its replacement, with a whole string of names already released, in which we find, among others, José Mourinho, Thiago Motta or Luis Enrique.

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He has arguments in his favor

It must be said that Galtier wanted to step up for his future. As indicated The Parisian, he keeps repeating to those close to him that he wants to go through with his contract. He is aware that PSG is prospecting on the market, but believes he deserves a second opportunity. For him, this title in Ligue 1 should not be trivialized, and he explains, in private, that certain coaches who went to PSG before him did not win it during their first season in office.

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It is above all this difference in treatment with some of his predecessors who have benefited from more indulgence that annoys him. His behavior internally, whether towards his players or his leaders, would also be one of the reasons that plead in his favor, at least from his point of view. Still, for the moment, the trend is indeed to a dismissal and the arrival of a new coach on the bench of the Parc des Princes for next season.

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