“What is the pigeon that resigned Neymar?”, PSG makes him hallucinate


This Thursday, the newspaper L’Équipe published the gross monthly salaries of players in Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and the four other major European championships. Obviously, PSG are first everywhere, with monstrous salaries. Kylian Mbappé is the highest paid player in the world, with 6M€ per month. Neymar follows him with a monthly salary of €3.6m per month, which quite annoyed Dominique Grimault.

Injured since February during the match against LOSC (4-3), Neymar Jr again suffered a sprained ankle and had to have surgery to put an end to his injuries for good. But it is clear that these glitches led the Brazilian star to miss a lot of matches with the PSG, not justifying his pharaminous salary.

“Neymar is a part-time employee”

On the set of Greg’s Team, Dominique Grimault got carried away when talking about the price-quality ratio of Neymar : “ As for Neymar… We saw the salary. In fact, Neymar is the best paid at PSG, based on the ratio of games played. He is a part-time employee. He has missed one out of two matches since joining PSG. »

“Who is the pigeon that made him re-sign? »

Before not understanding how the PSG could have extended Neymar until June 2027: ” I would like to know which pigeon made him re-sign until June 2027? It’s just gross professional misconduct. »

“What is the pigeon that resigned Neymar?”, PSG makes him hallucinate 24hfootnews.

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