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What Bengals game are you most looking forward to?


Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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In addition to the usual opponents, the Bengals will face the AFC South and NFC West among others.

The Cincinnati Bengals 2023-24 schedule is packed with good stories.

There are, of course, the interesting plotlines with their AFC North rivals. The Cleveland Browns (Week 1 and Week 18) somehow have their number. The Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 12, 1 PM and Week 16, 4:30 PM) are an inferior team that won a wild and unusual game in Week 1 last year. And the Baltimore Ravens (Week 2 and Week 11) and lost hold of first place in the division only to give the Bengals a run for their money in the playoffs even with a backup QB.

But there are so many other great plotlines this year.

There is, of course, the Kansas City Chiefs (Week 17), who are as much of rivals as any of the aforementioned AFC North teams. The Bengals and Chiefs have battled for the AFC championship the last two seasons, and the Bengals have surpassed expectations overall in those matchups. Now, with a better offensive line, they may be ready to take command of the rivalry.

Another team that was supposed to fight its way into that elite AFC circle was the Buffalo Bills (Week 9), who simply came apart against the Bengals in the AFC Divisional Round. Still, Josh Allen and company cannot be taken lightly.

The remainder of the schedule looks like this:

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