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Wednesday Cheese Curds: What comes next for the Packers?


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Putting a bow on the 2022 season.

I wonder what we’ll say about the 2022 Packers season in, say, 10 years.

It’s easy to point to defining features of the season now. A broken thumb, injuries on the offensive line, rookie receivers, a disappointing defense. But with the benefit of hindsight, what will we say? How will this year affect what comes next?

That story is still unfolding, obviously, but the pieces that will affect the next few years — and maybe more — are at least theoretically in place.

That’s why I really like our first link today. It’s a fixed point. It’s a concrete snapshot of where the Packers were at this moment in history. Maybe some day we’ll look back on the 2022 season-ending Dope Sheet as a historical document of where the Packers were when everything changed, for better or for worse.

Packers’ 2022 season-ending Dope Sheet |

The real dopes were the friends we made along the way.

Packers meet with ECU QB Holton Ahlers, the MVP of NFLPA Collegiate Bowl | Packers Wire

Every meeting a team has with a player is basically a nothing story…until it isn’t. Put this on your list of data points.

Trent McDuffie and the Chiefs’ Not-Rookie CBs | Football Outsiders

The Chiefs have succeeded with a bunch of young defenders — at least, so far.

Derek Carr trade rumors: Multiple NFC South teams among best fits for Raiders QB in 2023 | CBS Sports

I’m fascinated by the QB carousel, and other than Aaron Rodgers, Carr is one of the biggest dominoes out there.

Whisky’s ingredients can help keep skin healthy, according to breakthrough study | Sky News

To be clear: this is the ingredients, not the drink itself, and you put them on your face instead of drinking it. But there has to be some overlap, right?

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