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Vikings regain Linear Super Bowl crown, defend against Packers next week


Super Bowl LVI - Head Coach & MVP Press Conference
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In their “Super Bowl”

On Saturday, when the Minnesota Vikings defeated the New York Giants by a score of 27-24 on the final play of the game, they pushed their record to 12-3 and held on to the second seed in the NFC playoff race.

Just as importantly*, they also regained something that they lost all the way back in Week 2.

Yes, with their victory over the Giants, the Vikings regained the 2022 Linear Super Bowl title.

For those of you that haven’t been tracking the Linear Super Bowl for this year, this is something that the folks from the Norse Code podcast came up with. See, when the Vikings defeated the Green Bay Packers in Week 1 at U.S. Bank Stadium, Packer fans went to social media to declare that the Vikings had “won their Super Bowl,” largely because Packer fans have an entitlement complex that makes them the NFL’s equivalent of Veruca Salt.

(Not the band, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character. Just for clarity’s sake.)

This has been made even more humorous by the fact that the Vikings have wrapped up a playoff spot and the Packers need the cosmos to align juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right to even have the faintest hope of making the postseason this year.

The Linear Super Bowl went from Minnesota to Philadelphia in Week 2 and eventually made its way to Washington and, most recently, to New York. With their defeat of the Giants today, the Linear Super Bowl championship for this season is back in Minnesota.

That means that next week, the Vikings will defend their Linear Super Bowl title again the Packers. Ironically, given the way the season has gone for these two teams, next Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field will be what amounts to Green Bay’s “Super Bowl” for this season.

It’s like rain on your wedding day or. . .something.

Here’s hoping that the Vikings can hold on to the Linear Super Bowl next weekend. . .just because.

2022 Linear Super Bowl

  • Week 1 – Minnesota Vikings (defeated Green Bay Packers)
  • Week 2 – Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Minnesota Vikings)
  • Week 3 – Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Washington Commanders)
  • Week 4 – Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Week 5 – Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Arizona Cardinals)
  • Week 6 – Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Dallas Cowboys)
  • Week 7 – Philadelphia Eagles (bye week)
  • Week 8 – Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Week 9 – Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 10 – Washington Commanders (defeated Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Week 11 – Washington Commanders (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 12 – Washington Commanders (defeated Atlanta Falcons)
  • Week 13 – SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie
  • Week 14 – SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie
  • Week 15 – New York Giants (defeated Washington Commanders)
  • Week 16 – Minnesota Vikings (defeated New York Giants)

* – No, our made-up thingy here is not just as important as an actual NFL win, but it’s still a bit of fun, isn’t it?

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