Video: The Undertaker & Kane Returns to the Ring In Mexico


– The Undertaker returned to the ring at tonight’s WWE live event in Merida, Mexico. He teamed with Kane to defeat Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. Taker made his usual grand entrance and got the big pop as expected. Most of the match consisted of The Wyatt Family keeping Kane down in their corner but Taker got the hot tag and hit his trademark moves.

Right before the hot tag, Taker took a beer while on the apron, chugged a bit of it and tossed it Steve Austin style. Taker came in and unloaded on Harper but Snake Eyes was somewhat botched. Harper kicked out of a leg drop but took a chokeslam next. Strowman came back in and blocked a double chokeslam but the Brothers of Destruction tossed him over the top rope. Taker turned around to a clothesine from Harper but caught him in Hell’s Gate for the win.

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#Undertaker #WWEMexico #WWEMerida

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