VIDEO: Huge brawl between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar


The Undertaker makes his entrance to a big pop.

Fans chant for The Undertaker as he takes the mic. Taker growls and says he stands here tonight a relentless, remorseless, cold-blooded, vengeful Grim Reaper. Taker says Streaks are made to be broken and fans boo. Taker says that’s the painful truth but Brock Lesnar had to continuously remind everyone of his greatest accomplishment. Taker says enough is enough and last night was his true resurrection. Taker says Lesnar can’t kill what won’t die. Taker says unleashed forces will now point their careers to new destinies. Taker says he will challenge Lesnar’s mortality and will conquer what has yet to be conquered. Taker says in the end, like all living things – man or beast, Lesnar will…. rest in peace. The bells toll again as Taker makes his exit.
Paul Heyman is in the ring. He says Brock Lesnar should be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he’s not because of nothing Seth Rollins did, but because of the resurrection of The Undertaker.

Heyman goes on about The Undertaker and about how they had every right to brag about ending The Streak. Heyman says since The Undertaker wants to make this personal, he yells out at Taker about how Lesnar conquered Taker’s streak at WrestleMania. Heyman says Taker sold his soul to the devil just to extract revenge on Lesnar. Heyman says Taker can sell his soul to the devil but his ass belongs to Brock Lesnar. The bells toll and the lights go out. They come back on and Taker is in the ring.

Taker backs Heyman into the corner as he pleads. Brock Lesnar’s music hits and out he comes. Lesnar rushes the ring and they brawl. Lesnar mounts Taker with right hands. Taker turns it around with right hands of his own. Triple H sends security down as fans boo and they try to break it up but Lesnar leaps on top of a bunch of guys to continue the brawl. Taker and Lesnar start dropping guys before going back to brawling. Triple H sends the roster down now as fans boo them too. Mark Henry, Jimmy Uso, The Ascension, Bo Dallas, Cesaro, Adam Rose, King Barrett, The Lucha Dragons, Rusev, everyone is out pretty much. The roster has Taker and Lesnar separated but Lesnar gets free and runs around the ring, attacking from the side. Taker is held back in the corner as Lesnar is held back and moved towards the ramp. Triple H yells at them to get Lesnar out of here. He breaks free, rushes the ring and leaps back onto the pile of Superstars that are holding Taker. They brawl and are separated again as fans chant “this is awesome” and Triple H yells at Lesnar. This time Taker breaks free and they brawl at ringside. Lesnar yells that he’s going to kill Taker and Taker says he’s going to have to. One group of Superstars gets Lesnar in the back as another holds Taker off at ringside.

– Lesnar is backstage surrounded by he group of Superstars still. Taker runs over and attacks him. They’re separated again by the two groups of Superstars. Lesnar runs, flips over a table and leaps onto Taker again. Triple H is there to try and calm things down but Taker continues the brawl. Lesnar is still screaming about killing Taker. We’ve got some police officers involved now. They back Lesnar against a wall and he raises his hands, telling them not to touch him. Lesnar takes his shirt off and lets them put the nylon restraints on him. They escort Lesnar away and he tells them again not to touch him.

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