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Vic Fangio speaks; says Miami Dolphins have great potential


Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins
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After multiple weeks of Dolphins’ fans playing the “did he or did he not sign” game on social media, Miami’s newly inked defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio, made his first public comments in an interview with Dolphins’ media personality, Travis Wingfield, that was released on the team’s online accounts Friday morning.

When asked why he ultimately decided to coach in Miami, Fangio said that there were many reasons, but that it came down to the Dolphins having a “quality football team… that has great potential.” He went on to say that he hopes he can “untap” that potential so that the team can have a good season.

Fangio — a well traveled coach who has had stints with multiple organizations in the National Football League — would go on to say that he likes to “wipe the slate clean” when it comes to players that he inherits when he first signs on to coach a new squad. “I don’t really like to watch too much of what they’ve done in the past. I like to get out there and work with them and form my own opinions.”

Wingfield asked Fangio what traits he looks for when filling out his coaching staff. “We’re looking for good teachers,” Fangio said. “Guys that can install the defense — teach the players what we’re expecting from them, both from an assignment and technique standpoint and then get those techniques taught on the field well enough to where they show up in the game. It’s teacher first and foremost. Obviously you have to do a good job relating to the players to get that taught, but everything that is involved with teaching players is what we’re looking for.”

For the full video of the interview, click on the official Miami Dolphins Twitter account’s tweet below.

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