Verratti rammed by a Bayern Munich legend


Philipp Lahm, the former German right-back, returned to Marco Verratti’s poor performance in the eighth-final return Bayern-PSG.

Marco Verratti took it for his rank. In an interview with Die Belt, former right-back Philipp Lahm gave the reasons for the failure of Paris Saint-Germain on the European scene. Incidentally, the German took the opportunity to talk about the match of ” Little Owl » against Bayern Munich (2-0) in the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League, before erecting it as a perfect ” symbol “ of all that is wrong within the Parisian structure.

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“Verratti is a symbol for PSG”

“The Parisian club has a fundamental problem. The team plays without inspiration and offers an imperfect collective. Marco Verratti is a good example. He is a good footballer, sure with the ball and precise in tackles. One of the best players in the Italian selection. But in the jersey of PSG, he assumes his strengths and has not assimilated the role of the defensive midfielder who gives stability to his team. Therefore, he has no connection with his teammates,” thus estimated the winner of the 2013 Champions League.

Guilty of Bayern Munich’s first goal in the second leg, the 2020 European champion showed great recklessness which cost the Red and Blue dearly. “In the return match in Munich, he lost the ball on the action bringing every goal conceded. Afterwards, he claimed that there had been a fault, when even his teammates had seen that everything had happened correctly. In dangerous situations, he took far too many risks. Verratti is a symbol for PSG. Neither the defense, nor the midfield, nor the attack have developed a sense of the collective.added the former glory of the Mannschaft.

Verratti rammed by a Bayern Munich legend 24hfootnews.

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