VALORANT 8.11 Patch Notes: Abyss map, balance changes & more


On the lookout for the VALORANT 8.11 patch notes? The much-awaited 8.11 patch is right around the corner and it’s set to bring a brand-new map called Abyss followed by various agent nerfs and buffs and a new set of map rotation.

Although our previous article covered all the agent balance changes, this one will delve into the remaining updates coming with the next patch. With that said, here’s a detailed rundown of the VALORANT 8.11 patch notes.

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VALORANT 8.11 Patch Notes

First up, we have some general changes for the Esports Hub Team Page. The developers have added some roles to the roster information to help differentiate between players, substitutes, and coaches. They’ve also added blurbs highlighting the personality and accomplishments of teams in VCT Americas and VCT Pacific, with more on the way.

New map: Abyss

VALORANT 8.11 Patch Notes

Image Credits: Riot Games

  • A 5v5 spike mode map that provides thrilling danger with its precarious pitfalls (watch your step) and vertical gameplay. Abyss is the first VALORANT map that has no boundaries and takes place in the secret hidden fortress of the Scions of the Hourglass. The map features three lanes and two sites.

Active map pool

  • Starting in patch 8.11, Competitive, Deathmatch, and Premier queues will contain Ascent, Bind, Icebox, Lotus, Sunset, and Haven (returning).
  • Abyss will enter the competitive pool in patch 9.0.
  • Abyss will enter the premier pool in patch 9.02.
  • Breeze and Split have been removed from the above map pools.
  • Starting in patch 8.11, Unrated, Swift Play, Spike Rush, and Escalation will move to an open map pool. All maps (including Abyss) will be available in these queues.

Performance Updates

  • The developers updated their threading behavior to improve performance on 2-core machines. This will result in better in-game performance and shorter loading times.

Store updates

  • Ally utility is now visible on team member slots for easier strategization.
  • Remaining armor is now visualized as a fill in the UI.
  • Holistically added animations to increase clarity around affordability, requesting, and weapon purchases.
  • Item states have gone through a visual pass to improve readability.

Gameplay updates

  • New Strategy Wheels during the Buy Phase.
  • Unique Strategy Wheels for Attackers and Defenders.
  • New Commands Wheel on the Megamap.
  • Updated options on existing Command Wheels.
  • Updated VO on existing Commands Menu (PC only).
  • Streamlined Wheels to feature our most important command options.

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