Update on WWE Making Significant Change to Pay-Per-View Events Soon


As noted, WWE pay-per-view events are set to start running four hours or longer with a new start time of 7pm EST, likely to accommodate both rosters now that the shows are co-branded. Kickoff pre-shows will begin at 6pm EST. The change is scheduled to begin with the June 17th Money In the Bank pay-per-view.

Sky Italia confirmed on Facebook that the MITB pay-per-view will now begin at 7pm EST instead of 8pm EST. Other providers were told that most of the pay-per-view events will run from 7-11pm with the big four shows running from 6-11pm, according to InDemand usually airs a 30-minute countdown show before the pay-per-view begins and they currently have the MITB start time at 6:30pm, which also confirms the change.

The change will make regular WWE pay-per-view events run for 5 hours with the one-hour Kickoff pre-show while the big four events will run for 6 hours, including the pre-show.

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