Two burning files at OM, the huge update


Thanks to the work of Igor Tudor and Pablo Longoria, OM are having a very good season. Yes, but now, the threat hangs over their future on the Canebière. Indeed, passed by Juventus, the Croatian and the Spaniard are announced in the viewfinder of the Old Lady for the future. Should we tremble at OM? Longoria has cleared things up on this.

President of theOMPablo Longoria went last summer to look for Igor Tudor to take up the position of coach. While the Spaniard and the Croatian form an excellent duo, it is noticeable abroad. Thus, lately, there was talk of an interest of the Juventus For Longoria And You sleepthose who have a past with the Old Lady.

“I don’t want to leave”

During an interview with the Figaro, Pablo Longoria has also expressed on these rumors sending him to the Juventus. The president of theOM was then very clear, dropping: “ What I respond to rumors that send me to Juventus? I would never leave OM! Maybe one day the owner will lose his trust in me. But I don’t want to leave. And I don’t believe that an OM president can leave here to look for another club. It would be a lack of respect for the institution, which is bigger than Pablo Longoria...”

“I don’t have a crystal ball to read the future”

What about the future ofIgor Tudor ? Will he still be thereOM next season? Regarding the Croatian, Pablo Longoria then assured: I would like. We understood that what he gave us was the direction we wanted to take. we wanted to raise our level of discipline, rigor and high standards. Not only in the sporting sphere, but also in all other strata of the club. If you want to sustain a project, you need a strong institution, otherwise you are not credible. This point was very important. I would like to give continuity, not only on the model of the game, but on the aspect of the requirement, the respect of the rules and the authority. I’m not sure if Tudor is staying? I say I would like because I don’t have a crystal ball to read the future. But I am very happy with his work. I hope he’s as happy as me and we don’t just have to analyze the latest results because we have to gain height. I am grateful to Igor Tudor for what he accomplishes “.

Two burning files at OM, the huge update 24hfootnews.

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