Twisted Metal Live-Action Show Gets First Poster, Premieres In July


Twisted Metal Series Poster

The live-action Twisted Metal TV series got its first poster today, courtesy of IGN, ahead of a teaser trailer scheduled to drop later today. The upcoming adaptation of the classic PlayStation car combat series is set to premiere this July. 

Twisted Metal is being developed by Peacock and stars Anthony Mackie as protagonist John Doe, a “smart ass” delivery driver who transports supplies between settlements in a post-apocalyptic America. He has no memory of his past but gets a chance at a better life by making one special delivery across the dangerous landscape. 

Tonally, the series is billed as an action comedy. Other characters included Sweet Tooth, who will be voiced by Will Arnett and psychically performed by pro wrestler Samoa Joe. The cast also includes Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, Richard Cabral, Tahj Vaughans, and Neve Campbell. The show is being produced by Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions, and it’s the second TV adaptation of a first-party PlayStation game to arrive this year following The Last of Us

Twisted Metal premieres on July 27 exclusively on Peacock and consists of 10 half-hour-long episodes. We’ll update this story with the teaser trailer when it becomes available. 

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